[ US /ˌjunəˈvɝsəɫi/ ]
[ UK /jˌuːnɪvˈɜːsə‍li/ ]
  1. everywhere
    people universally agree on this
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How To Use universally In A Sentence

  • And this means that the theories of universally acting psychical repression, of the unconscious, of the endopsychic censor, of the significance of resistance and amnesia, of the employment of highly complicated and phantastic symbolism, of the manifestations of sexuality and so forth have been made use of in a high-handed, uncalled for, unnecessary and unscientific manner to prove the truth of the thesis with which the author set out upon his journey. The Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  • I found them to be almost universally composed of ninnies and power-hungry dorks.
  • Both bearings are founded on what is called canting heraldry, a species of art disowned by the writers on the science, yet universally made use of by those who practise the art of blazonry. Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft
  • The universally-shared human motive of rational self-interest makes human action predictable, generalisable and controllable.
  • It is universally agreed that the siblings referred to in this verse are uterine siblings.
  • One reason for this may be a desire to protect from criminal liability men whose conduct is not universally regarded as criminal.
  • One of the fundamental bars to communication is the lack of a universally spoken, common language.
  • No, Galan patiently explained to the jury, it was universally used by police because it was safer to the public in terms of reduced ricochet and over-penetration.
  • Law ordains universally that neither Man nor Woman shall be approached so closely as to destroy the interval between the approximator and the approximated. Flatland: a romance of many dimensions
  • Gender and age are universally used to assign different economic tasks. Cultural Anthropology
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