[ UK /jˌuːnɪvˈɜːsəlˌɪzəm/ ]
  1. the theological doctrine that all people will eventually be saved
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How To Use universalism In A Sentence

  • The notions of praying somebody out of hell and universalism / apocatastasis are heretical because they violate free will. A conservative blog for peace
  • Because of its emphasis on universalism and on acculturation within the host societies, Reform was unsympathetic, even hostile, towards the Zionist movement.
  • The so-called universalism of the fashionable Left's values for not all of them are like this is laid bare by the sheer contradiction of the argument Steel makes. Archive 2007-10-01
  • Some stalwart grad student could write quite a paper on the undertones and resonances of a paragraph like this one: "Through British veins runs the poisonous fake idealism of "human rights" and "sensitivity," of happy-clappy multicultural groveling and sick, weak, deracinated moral universalism -- the rotten fruit of a debased, sentimentalized Christianity. Richard (RJ) Eskow: England's Ashes - America's Future?
  • The new networks and alliances articulate forms of consciousness that go beyond single issue campaigns and narrow trade union economism on the one hand and reified and alienated forms of social democratic universalism on the other.
  • Each has been tempted by an excess of otherworldliness or this-worldliness, by universalism or tribalism, by the spirit or by the flesh.
  • Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a leading conservative evangelical, wrote that in the video Mr. Bell "affirms what can only be described as universalism," the belief that ultimately all people are "saved. What Happened to Heaven and Is Gandhi There?
  • It may be that neopaganism's appeal around the edges of Unitarian Universalism — see, for example, Sharon Hwang Colligan's provocative argument that UU "churches" are merely fronts for the real religion of the pagan "circle worship" — is rooted in the simple fact that many people expect a religion to offer an alternative to mainstream culture, and neopaganism does. Philocrites: Counterculture in 'Knocking on Heaven's Door.'
  • Luke uses this story as the supreme example of his theme of universalism.
  • Luke uses this story as the supreme example of his theme of universalism.
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