How To Use Unironed In A Sentence

  • The ageing process might have begun for him then - his forehead wrinkled, like an unironed cloth, with the worries of the world entwined in each strain of the fabric.
  • Over their unironed or unironable shirts we have matte/shiny patterns in black and aubergine and Cassidy's tank-gray vest with infusions of canary yellow and ultramarine.
  • He is seen in an open shirt (even his vest is faintly visible behind the wrinkled and unironed shirt) with a jacket casually thrown over it.
  • Their spirit has meant that their creases have remained unironed.
  • When Iris is looking up records of her great-aunt she ‘reads of refusals to speak, of unironed clothes, of never wanting marital relations or wanting them too much or not enough or not in the right way or seeking them elsewhere.’
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  • I nodded and said, ‘The unironed shirt really completes the effect.’
  • Darlings, the Amish are the most intentionally plain people in our country, and you won't ever see one of them with an unironed pinafore or trousers that are falling off their butts. If You Love It, You Need It
  • The other guy wears black velour jackets comboed with unironed flannelette pyjama shirts and loud ties.
  • I agree with keeping coppers looking smart and unpolished boots and/or unironed shirts are a personal bugbear with me. And for my next trick……. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Of course, when I say ‘Ironing Pile’, I don't mean to suggest that I'll be modelling unironed shirts from now on.
  • In his view, miracles shouldnt come dressed in jeans and unironed T-shirts, and as though to goad him, in a far corner two of the miracle-workers burst into raucous laughter. The Edge of Madness
  • He is wearing faded jeans and scuffed shoes, an unironed shirt and a brown corduroy jacket. LOVE YOU MADLY
  • The old Chinaman at his elbow was dressed for travelling in a clean but unironed shirt; and his shoes had been newly hobbed. The Man from the Bitter Roots
  • Preacher was standing up over his writing table, unshaved, wearing an unironed white shirt. Rain Gods
  • a pile of unironed laundry
  • He would never walk out of the house in anything dirty or unironed.
  • The latest BBC drama is a hugely enjoyable lark starring everyone's favourite unironed Irish charmer.
  • Just take a look at what Browne's wearing today: slim gray flannel trousers that stop several inches above sockless ankles; an unironed white oxford-cloth button-down shirt; a skinny gray tie, and a cashmere cardigan with varsity stripes on the sleeve. SUITS US IF IT SUITS HIM
  • He is wearing faded jeans and scuffed shoes, an unironed shirt and a brown corduroy jacket. LOVE YOU MADLY
  • I was down to my last two shirts, both creased and unironed, but at least they were clean. A NASTY DOSE OF DEATH
  • How long have the unironed clothes been sitting unironed and unworn? A rambly bag of Saturday stuff «
  • wore unironed jeans
  • I can sleep in unironed sheets one month, and devote hours to spraying them with lavender-scented linen water and smoothing them to satin softness the next.
  • Harriet slouched until she was almost hunchbacked, wearing boy's clothes, unironed and grubby.
  • He looked rumpled, in an unironed plaid shirt and khakis that suddenly appeared too short, bits of his dark socks visible between hem and shoe. Ann Packer's 'Molten': Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature

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