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  • While "the situation of unipolarity also has secondary multi-polar features", the overall explanation of the global system rests firmly on the concept of a unipolar world which is "best characterised by the term globalisation"; a world in which the technological wonders of a new age have created an economic system that works "as a single unit in real time on a planetary scale". CONTENTS
  • Indeed, in this implicit foreshortening of it, we were told that ‘America's unipolar moment will not last long ’.
  • Out of nervousness about unipolarity, they might underestimate the dangers of a multipolar system in which nonliberal and nondemocratic powers would come to outweigh Europe.
  • Objective : To investigate the possibility of X - linked dominant genetic model in unipolar depression.
  • Sleep disturbances and unipolar depression are such intransigent bedfellows that troubled sleep is considered a hallmark of the mood disorder.
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  • Theresearch noted in the article stated that "studies provide evidence that chronobiological treatments (SPA/TSD/light therapy) may represent novel and safe augmentation strategies that could contribute to the management of unipolar and bipolar depression. You'll have a greatly increased risk of weight gain if you eat at night
  • The antidepressant effect of lithium in unipolar depressive illness has been investigated in 14 controlled studies.
  • The scrub person and circulating nurse attach the camera and light source to the thoracoscope and the unipolar and bipolar cords to the electrosurgical unit.
  • It is also likely to become, in geo-strategic terms, the second pole in what has become a unipolar world.
  • That is not to say, however, that the new world order is unipolar, in which one unique pole is universally accepted as the unchallenged arbiter of world affairs.
  • The surgeon uses unipolar or bipolar electrosurgery to place a midline anterosuperior mark on the inner perichondrium.
  • The alternative to unipolarity may not be multipolarity at all.
  • There was first the bipolar world order, followed by its negation and the emergence of a unipolar world order.
  • Second, he posited that the world today is ‘a unipolar world dominated by a single superpower unchecked by any rival and with decisive reach in every corner of the globe.’
  • Furthermore, Rush and colleagues, including Sackeim, are studying the use of vagus nerve stimulation, a promising and moderately invasive treatment for refractory unipolar and bipolar depressions.
  • More than two-thirds of people with bipolar disorder have at least one close relative with the disorder or with unipolar major depression, indicating that the disease has a heritable component.
  • However, the combination of both scales was most useful in discriminating bipolar disorders from unipolar depressive disorders.
  • The United States is aiming at world leadership and is using the objective globalization processes with which it correlates the trend towards a unipolar world and a corresponding military strategy.
  • In sub mutations, we observed spindles that were unipolar, multipolar, or frayed with no defined poles.
  • People will make that claim, and they'll just ignore the fairly large literature that says that it's a vulnerability factor for unipolar depression, anorexia and suicide.
  • Objective To investigate the association among tryptophan hydroxylase(TPH) gene A218C polymorphism, unipolar depression(UPD) and symptom phenotypes in Han nationality of Chinese.
  • In North America, for example, women are estimated to be between two and four times more likely than men to experience unipolar depression at some point in their lives.
  • The distinction between bipolar versus unipolar depression also has been recognized as difficult in both adults and youth.
  • It is merely the latest in a series of clashes as the bipolar (West v East) Cold War institutional framework is reshaped by the pressures of today's unipolar (USA rules) world.
  • Waltz theorizes that the units in an anarchic system will be profoundly affected by the degree of polarity, and he distinguishes between unipolar, bipolar, and multipolar systems.
  • For a brief period after 1989 it became a unipolar world and now it is becoming a multipolar one. Times, Sunday Times
  • However, recent data suggest that a sizable portion of patients with unipolar depression do not experience full therapeutic recovery.
  • On this bottom board, power is widely dispersed, and it makes no sense to speak of unipolarity, multipolarity, or hegemony.
  • These forms arise when cells are limited for nutrients and bud in a unipolar pattern, spreading through the medium in filamentous arrays.
  • The unipolar patients tended to have a late age of onset, a greater tendency for suicide and guilty, agitated depression, introverted personality trait.
  • We probably owe this lull to the end of the cold war, and to a unipolar world order with a single superpower to impose its will.
  • Those were the experiences we have had to live through up until today's world, which we call a unipolar world. Castro Addresses Businessmen at ACS Summit
  • Fish oils may be as effective as conventional drugs in alleviating unipolar and bipolar depression, he says.
  • It is merely the latest in a series of clashes as the bipolar (West v East) Cold War institutional framework is reshaped by the pressures of today's unipolar (USA rules) world.
  • After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some analysts described the resulting world as unipolar and saw few constraints on American power.
  • Multipolarity was already supplanting unipolarity. Times, Sunday Times
  • France's former foreign minister Hubert Vedrine believes ‘a politically unipolar world’ is unacceptable, and therefore France is ‘fighting for a multipolar world’.
  • They could not achieve that goal in 2000 when Yasser Arafat was ruling over a unified Palestinian camp, when a relatively moderate political figure was serving as Israel's PM -- and at a time when the U.S. was at the peak of its so-called unipolar moment and Iran, Hizbollah and Hamas were having great difficulties in trying to exert their influence. Leon T. Hadar: Obama's Mideast Policy: An Unpromising Drive Towards a Cost-Effective Pax Americana
  • In the former, cleavage gives rise to a hollow blastula, which is filled in to a greater or lesser extent by the unipolar immigration of cells, much as occurs in hydrozoan cnidarians.
  • Therefore, we use unipolar switching pulse width modulation scheme to realize a filterless Class - D power amplifier.
  • The Cold War was a bipolar world; the 21st century world is-for the moment, at least-decidedly unipolar, with America as the world's ‘sole superpower.’
  • They fared significantly worse on the math part of standard academic tests than teens with unipolar depression and those with no psychiatric history.
  • Richard Haass has a brilliant essay in Foreign Affairs, just out, arguing that we are moving from a world structure of multipolarity and bi- and unipolarity — that is, the Cold War and its aftermath — to an age of nonpolarity — that is, nobody’s in charge. Molecularization: The open marketplace of influence « BuzzMachine
  • The book is also limited by restricting the accounts of personal experience of madness to extreme mental states, such as mania and psychosis, and not mental illnesses such as unipolar depression or anxiety disorders.
  • The nosological status of neurotic depression: A prospective three to four year follow-up examination in light of the primary-secondary and unipolar-bipolar dichotomies. The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry
  • As long as the unipolar moment lasts, then, unconventional attacks like that on the Cole or on the Khobar Towers or the ambush of the Rangers in Mogadishu will continue to punctuate the headlines.
  • We face a unipolar world and the gigantic hegemonism of our neighbors, who have always sought to destroy this Revolution and now feel more emboldened by the idea of asphyxiating it, giving it the final blow, because their minds cannot tolerate the existence of the Revolution and what it has meant for this hemisphere, in their backyard, which today they seek more than ever to secure. Fidel Castro Women's Congress Address
  • Still, there are some things Canadian leaders can and should do to minimize the geostrategic risks to Canada implicit in a ‘unipolar’ world.
  • Invasive and pseudohyphal growth is characterized by directional unipolar budding and by cells that remain attached to each other after budding.
  • A unipolar sensor basically acts as an NPN transistor whose base current is on when the device is in the presence of a south magnetic pole.
  • Of all the mysteries of unipolar depression, a condition marked by sleep problems to begin with, the most clinically useful may be the paradoxical observation that keeping people awake may actually help them get better.
  • Among psychiatric illnesses, bipolar disorder ranks second only to major unipolar depression as a cause of global disability.
  • There was first the bipolar world order, followed by its negation and the emergence of a unipolar world order.
  • As the majority of commercially available bronchoscopes are not electrically grounded, the bronchoscopist risks becoming the grounding electrode should the unipolar probe tip touch the scope while the current is on.
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union, which led to the disappearance of the Warsaw Pact and the instauration of a new unipolar world order under the leadership of the United States, deprived NATO of its raison d'être.
  • To achieve unipolar charge sensing over the largest possible portion of the detector volume, then, requires the smallest possible strip pitch compared to the thickness of the detector.
  • ‘Some studies have started unipolar patients on 800 mg or 1600 mg per day,’ he said.
  • And we will reap a whirlwind if we push the Americans into a unilateralist position in which they are the centre of this unipolar world.
  • In an essay in Foreign Affairs in 2008, Richard Haass argued that the world structure is moving from bi- and unipolarity (i.e., the Cold War and its aftermath) to nonpolarity (i.e., no one’s in charge). The rise of the third estate « BuzzMachine
  • It was not expected that youths in the unipolar and bipolar depression groups would be well discriminated by the Depression scale, because both disorders include the symptoms of depression.
  • An additional 5% have severe depressions only sometimes called unipolar disease.
  • In this paper we refer mainly to conditions of unipolar depression that are considered severe enough to warrant treatment with antidepressant medication.
  • Method: Both patients with bipolar of unipolar depressive episode affective disorder had 30 cases each.
  • And unlike unipolar depression, the depression of bipolar illness tends to be treatment-resistant.
  • Methods: The relative factors was retrospectively analyzed and compared in 30 bipolar depression unipolar.
  • It was not a harbinger, it was a symptom of the move from a bipolar to a unipolar world.
  • In a unipolar world dominated by one sovereign nation-state - since 199o, the United States - the UN could function effectively only when it followed the lead of the United States.
  • In sum, then, individual CBT was the most cost-effective option available for the treatment of depression, and was, therefore, recommended by the researchers as the treatment of first choice for dealing with unipolar depression.
  • The World Health Organisation has predicted that by the year 2020 unipolar depression will account for the second largest burden of disease.
  • Since the end of the Cold War removed the rationale for an anti-communist alliance, the Western powers have tried to legitimise an essentially unipolar, US-dominated world order in the language of humanitarian internationalism.
  • Would things be better in a unipolar world and in an era whose operating philosophy is defined by the ‘Clash of Civilizations‘?

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