How To Use Union soldier In A Sentence

  • The Union soldier was introduced to the country girls as a new recruit just arrived in camp.
  • The next day, Union soldiers began moving out of Chancellorsville and the wilderness.
  • Some of the comic interludes had more pep—in "Being Small," a boy slave jauntily describes how he hides under his master's house and listens as the master reads the newspaper out loud—but others, like "I Listen," in which a self-described "old biddy" pie maker spies on her Union soldier customers, just fell flat. An Artifact of Indulgence From Bernard Herrmann
  • Man per man, the average Confederate soldier made more hard marches, suffered more privations, risked his life more frequently, was wounded more times, and died more often than the average Union soldier.
  • - Among the Civil War buffs wandering through the tables of muskets and faded daguerreotypes of Union soldiers for sale here are four federal agents. National Archives hunts for missing treasures with recovery team
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  • Mr. Cline's creations include an imaginary Civil War battle at his Monster Museum in which Union soldiers are eaten by an allosaurus. Roadside Kitsch Is Fun, but Is It Art? Virginia Museum Sure Hopes So
  • Suddenly Upham's mementoes started working their way South, carried by Union soldiers on the march and blockade-runners on the prowl. Just Like the Real Thing
  • There was a flood, and it did exhume a graveyard where Confederate and Union soldiers were intermixed.
  • More important has been the second traditional source - the collected, cataloged, and often published accounts of the Union soldiers whom bushwhackers targeted and tormented.
  • Union soldiers completed digging a series of ditches that zigzagged forward and reached the abatis.
  • The hallway is smeared with dried blood, where an African Union soldier was dragged away after being shot. Peacekeepers, Islamists Battle For The Soul Of Somalia
  • Replicas of sections of the original stockade and the north gate stand as reminders of a prison facility that was a deadly home to thousands of Union soldiers.
  • Southerners resurrected the image of the " hireling ", often extended to include the idea that Union soldiers were foreign immigrants during the Civil War.
  • Abbeville Press Union soldiers often wore dark blue coats. On the Firing Line With Yankees and Rebels
  • After a consideration of jacks and cribbage, the old man decides the two can play a board game with Confederate and Union soldiers.
  • The stockade was designed to hold 10,000 prisoners and the first Union soldiers to arrive were housed and fed decently.
  • Union soldiers

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