1. free from emotional appeal; marked by reasonableness
    answered with an unimpassioned defense
    the unimpassioned intellect
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How To Use unimpassioned In A Sentence

  • _merit-thermometer_, a sort of _Aeolian-harp-test_; in the flat parts his voice was unimpassioned, but if the gust of genius swept over the wires, his tones rose in intensity, till his own energy of feeling and expression kindled in others a sympathetic impulse, which the dull were forced to feel, whilst his animated recitations threw fresh meaning into the minds of the more discerning. Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey
  • & odq; I had noticed that she was much changed, & cdq; Mr. Wentworth declared, in a tone whose unexpressive, unimpassioned quality appeared to Felix to reveal a profundity of opposition. & odq; It may be that she is only becoming what you call a charming woman. &cdq; The Europeans
  • answered with an unimpassioned defense
  • According to these self-appointed connoisseurs, he was a bawler without taste, without method, a maker of absurd trills, an unimpassioned actor of little intelligence, and many other things besides. Complete Project Gutenberg Collection of Memoirs of Napoleon
  • Reason - cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason - must furnish all the materials for our future support and defense.
  • It testifies that women are daily gaining in self-reliance; that the methodical training their minds receive to fit them for professions and for business positions, tends to render them, even in general matters, more accurate in conception, more precise in execution, less under the dominion of the sudden impulse and instinct, more capable of reasoning, and of judging of things as reason, unimpassionedly, presents them. Womanliness as a Profession
  • This Government looks tired, unimpassioned, and as though it lacks leadership.
  • Coldly, unimpassionedly, he stated his terms: the entire French army to surrender arms and baggage and be treated as prisoners of war. The Downfall
  • Most of the time he stood on the podium unimpassioned, seemingly bored. Times, Sunday Times
  • Reason - cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason - must furnish all the materials for our future support and defense.
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