[ UK /jˈuːnɪfˌa‍ɪ/ ]
[ US /ˈjunəˌfaɪ/ ]
  1. become one
    the cells merge
    Germany unified officially in 1990
  2. to bring or combine together or with something else
    resourcefully he mingled music and dance
  3. bring together for a common purpose or action or ideology or in a shared situation
    the Democratic Patry platform united several splinter groups
  4. act in concert or unite in a common purpose or belief
  5. join or combine
    We merged our resources
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How To Use unify In A Sentence

  • In fact, one of the reasons Mao remains revered is that he is credited with “unifying China”. Matthew Yglesias » The Tomorrow People
  • It should systematically unify and organize a set of observations, building from basic principles.
  • The Holy Roman Empire ever since the first event of Charles the Great's coronation, when it justified itself as a diplomatical expedient for unifying Western Christendom, had existed more or less as a shadow. Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2 The Catholic Reaction
  • Internal walkways are two-level trellised arcades which visually unify the entire Hebrew Union Complex.
  • While Bank of America has developed workarounds to integrate core systems, it has made progress on unifying operations on some fronts.
  • Well, I don't think when you're talking about the history of a presidency the job simply is to unify the country.
  • The proposal includes unifying street trees, public realm , streetscape, transportation links, and a library roof garden.
  • In some ways she does not need a new idea or a cause or a unifying theme to campaign on. Times, Sunday Times
  • As these three examples demonstrate, the "one-China principle" has been used by the PRC as a means of waging its "legal warfare" to incorporate Taiwan and to accomplish its bottom-line goal of de jure unification, as explicitly stated by its declared intent to use military force if necessary under the "anti-secession law" of 2005 to "reunify" Taiwan. Jamestown Foundation: All Publications
  • Attempts to unify all four forces of nature have eluded physicists from Einstein to the current day.
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