[ US /ˈjunəˌfɔɹmɫi/ ]
[ UK /jˈuːnɪfˌɔːmli/ ]
  1. in a uniform manner
    a uniformly bright surface
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How To Use uniformly In A Sentence

  • To illustrate, No. 2 of Table 2 may be characterized as a "right whirler," for he turned to the right almost uniformly. The Dancing Mouse A Study in Animal Behavior
  • Neither the normal stress nor the frictional shear stress acting on the cone tip surface is uniformly distributed.
  • The Genesis legends of Cain and Nimrod, Babel and Sodom uniformly attribute impiety, pride, idolatry, luxury, crime and moral depravity to all cities and their founders, Sodom included.
  • My view I think explains their uniformly brown colour -- analogous to Brown's sphacelation in mutatis mutandis. Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and the Neighbouring Countries
  • The advantages in the hardening start with the carburizing operation, as a steel of uniform and fine grain size will carburize more uniformly, producing The Working of Steel Annealing, Heat Treating and Hardening of Carbon and Alloy Steel
  • The space ship is cluttered with aging technology and tattered furniture - this is not the uniformly pristine and transfigured world of the typical sci-fi flick.
  • If the dust cloud or explosion is spherical and uniformly smooth, all orientations are equally represented and the net polarization is zero.
  • Restaurants in Europe are almost uniformly servis compris and being a waiter (both genders) there is as decent a job as any …. The Racial Tipping Point - Freakonomics Blog - NYTimes.com
  • Suppose that hourly wage offers for plumbers are distributed uniformly between $15 and $30. Microeconomics: Price Theory in Practice
  • For arbitrary large initial data, if it is away from vacuum, the smooth solutions to the initial value problem are uniformly (namely, independent of time) away from vacuum.
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