How To Use Unhoped In A Sentence

  • Men on cycles, lean-faced, unkempt, scorched along every country lane shouting of unhoped deliverance, shouting to gaunt, staring figures of despair. The War of The Worlds
  • Those who cannot be enlightened by reason, can only be controlled by force; and this, coupled with her great privations, must soon have reduced her to a worse condition than that of the beasts that perish, but for timely and unhoped-for aid. American Notes for General Circulation
  • If he had thought soberly over the probable future of a beautiful and penniless girl like Eve Chardon, he would have seen that this marriage was a piece of unhoped-for good fortune. Two Poets
  • At times I would be encouraged by a little unhoped-for success, at others I would be in the deepest despair because of accidents and failures resulting from my inexperience. Curie, Marie Sklodowska
  • Meantime, the Lady of Avenel, with agonizing anxiety, saw that the efforts that the poor boy made to keep himself afloat, were now exchanged for a faint struggling, which would soon have been over, but for aid equally prompt and unhoped-for. The Abbot
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  • It need scarcely be added that the young men were overjoyed on receiving this almost unhoped-for intelligence, and that Harry expressed his satisfaction in his usual hilarious manner, asserting, somewhat profanely, in the excess of his glee, that the governor-in - chief of Rupert's Land was a "regular brick. The Young Fur Traders
  • But for this unhoped-for help, I must have perished. Le Colonel Chabert
  • The seat belt, of course, functions to restrain the seat's user in the seat in the unhoped for event of an accident.
  • At Slough, the loan of two engines of the series 9 was enough to restore an unhoped boost.
  • If we give up our vague, devastating quest, I suspect the Iraqis will have a lot of suddenly frantic help from the chaos-sponsors and bystanders in their neighborhood, the countries which have been so deeply delighted at the ongoing spectacle of America's ignorant blunder, at the unhoped-for crippling of America, at the astonishing waste of American lives and resources. Frank Dwyer: Better Numbers
  • So with her divine hands she snatched from the fire the dear son whom Metaneira had born unhoped-for in the palace, and cast him from her to the ground; for she was terribly angry in her heart. Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, and Homerica
  • Amid the hope and worry, the fear and anger believe that each day which breaks is you last: the unhoped for hour will be a welcome surprise.
  • an unhoped-for piece of luck
  • When, on very great occasions, “the portress nun” allowed dancing, restricting the games of boston, whist, and backgammon within the limits of her bedroom, such a concession was accounted as the most unhoped felicity, and made them happier than going to the great balls, to two or three of which Guillaume would take the girls at the time of the Carnival. At the Sign of the Cat and Racket
  • Cecilia, charmed at this unhoped for success, was making further enquiries into what had passed, when Mrs Hill, in a low voice, said, Cecilia
  • It is damaging because it's an unhoped for situation which no employee ever imagined it would happen.
  • Likewise, an encounter with the unhoped for does not simply call for a response where an object of futural expectation can be enumerated in an isolated sense.

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