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[ UK /ʌnɡɹɐmˈætɪkə‍l/ ]
  1. not grammatical; not conforming to the rules of grammar or accepted usage
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How To Use ungrammatical In A Sentence

  • Although written in rather inelegant and sometimes ungrammatical prose, this is an insightful and original work, based on a remarkable range of evidence.
  • This is a normal example of syntactic and semantic change in progress, and I'm certainly not about to say that these sentences are ungrammatical.
  • Choosing that one would yield a hopelessly ungrammatical result.
  • Structural linguists question the existence of a clear-cut distinction between what is grammatical and what is ungrammatical.
  • Also in fear, hate and love, which may have pathological expressions such as arachnophobia (Diski's is cured by London Zoo), animal hoarding, or the internet fad for "lolcats": cat photos whose ungrammatical text (we get Genesis chapter one in "lolcat") resembles the dog-speak that Kipling nauseatingly sustains throughout "Thy Servant a Dog". What I Don't Know About Animals by Jenny Diski – review
  • I can really make sense of your ungrammaticality judgment only as an aversion against the constructions excessive uncommonness (use of “whom” + overt relative pronoun in an object relative clause, which also seems to have become sort of uncommon) … Are “the boy to whom I gave the gift” and “the man whom I saw” really that much better for you? Whoever v. Whomever! Cases collide! Match of the Century! « Motivated Grammar
  • They tell their own story, simply -- sometimes ungrammatically and illiterately, but nevertheless irresistibly. Woman and the New Race
  • The problem is not that the sentence is ungrammatical, but rather that it doesn't say what I mean.
  • Well, in swedish that would be a given – an old and slightly ungrammatical pun on gorilla is "walk bad" sv: "går illa", pronounced gor´illa – and all those funnily broken rocks would make for bad footing indeed. Gorilla On Mars? | Universe Today
  • When America's greatest lexicographer writes me an ungrammatical message on a double-barreled slate, signs it "noeh webstur," and instructs his terrestial to deliver it to me on payment of one cart-wheel dollar, I suspect that there's something sphacelated in the psychological Denmark. The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 10
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