How To Use Unformed In A Sentence

  • But as all the girls were being played by callow youths with high voices, many of the bawdy references would be directed at them and their questionable or unformed masculinity.
  • Of literary art there is little, of invention considerable; and while the style is to a certain extent unformed and immature, it is neither feeble nor obscure, and admirably serves the author's purpose of creating what the children call a "crawly" impression. The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner
  • V. ii.119 (330,9) and yet but raw neither in respect of his quick sail] [W: but slow] I believe _raw_ to be the right word; it is a word of great latitude; _raw_ signifies _unripe, immature_, thence _unformed, imperfect, unskilful_. Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies
  • I knew little of psychology but enough to be aware of the impact on the unformed ego of an absent father.
  • All that blood stirring makes one aware of protoplasmic solutions, the essential matter between the formed and the unformed, masses of cells consisting largely of water, proteins, lipoids, carbohydrates, and inorganic salts.
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  • ‘I had a lot of unformed jokes in my head, and the more confident I got, the more I had the ability to just tie them all in,’ says Clarke.
  • They remember you at your most awkward and unformed and they take delight in reminding you of it.
  • Years ago Friedman was on one of the Sunday morning TV news shows, and I always thought there was an air of contrivance about him, something unformed, immature.
  • unformed clay
  • I don't exactly have that problem, but I do have a somewhat "unformed" idea of what heaven will be like. Semicolon
  • I have discovered that my characters come to life a lot easier if I just let them enter my pages unformed, they soon develop their own personalties and traits as they interact with my other characters. :Acquired Taste
  • Even before I recovered my senses, I was scratching at dirt, working at some unformed plan, dragging myself into a sitting position. SOMEWHERE EAST OF LIFE
  • _Pin feathers_ are small unformed feathers that do not pull out with the larger ones. Woman's Institute Library of Cookery Volume 3: Soup; Meat; Poultry and Game; Fish and Shell Fish
  • It was more common, in glassmaking or enameling treatises, to focus attention to chemistry on the creation of coloring materials, particularly the glass-fondant-metal combinations. reference An underlying belief was that firing would, in addition to melting the as-yet unformed color, exclude potentially harmful airs, as was the case in other painting practice. 37 Sometimes a description suggested that the vitreous color or coating held itself in place as a layer constricting the whole. The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
  • The facade looks promising, but the interior is strangely unformed.
  • The album is structured as one song split over two sides, a 40 minute conglomeration of what sounds like a dozen smaller, unformed ideas.
  • It is one of those places that you should go to, simply because it will get better with patronage - it has potential, although it's still unformed.
  • Crossing a terrain obstacle causes a unit to become disordered and fight "unformed". Grand Manner Napoleonics
  • I knew little of psychology but enough to be aware of the impact on the unformed ego of an absent father.
  • Ideas that Rep.blicans do add are "unformed," like Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor's plan to replace TARP with an insurance program. MyDD
  • Furthermore, the Reformed objection to natural theology, unformed and inchoate as it is, may best be seen as a rejection of classical foundationalism.
  • In another example, Deleuze calls attention to very small children, as yet unformed as individuals, who all tend to resemble one another except in their singularities - a smile, a gesture.
  • I knew little of psychology but enough to be aware of the impact on the unformed ego of an absent father.
  • Because infants and toddlers normally can have three or more loose stools, an alternate definition of diarrhea in this age group is a twofold increase in the frequency of unformed stool.
  • Madeleine may appear to be a walking, talking example of Carnaby Street cool, but she's really an unformed youth at heart.
  • The former spy has little experience at the senior government level and his policy ideas remain largely unformed, or least unstated.
  • Embryonic, perhaps, and unformed in many ways, but its depths were black like the deepest velvet.
  • From their flexible and unformed minds I can carve out my fittest tools.
  • Out of this invisible and unformed earth, out of this formlessness which is almost nothing, thou didst then make all these things of which the changeable world consists -- and yet does not fully consist in itself [469] -- for its very changeableness appears in this, that its times and seasons can be observed and numbered. Confessions and Enchiridion, newly translated and edited by Albert C. Outler
  • Plans for this time at home are mostly unformed.
  • An egg contains water within its beautiful smooth surface; and an unformed mass, by the incubation of the parent, becomes a regular animal, furnished with bones and sinews, and covered with feathers.
  • The term luxury, too, was revealing; it covered everything -- except her present unformed longing. Linda Condon
  • What I love most about Jezebel is that I can go there with an unformed opinion yet a vague leaning, read the discussions and come away with a more informed view. Here she comes
  • I often feel like many aspects of my personality remain child-like and unformed, while in other areas I feel a wisdom that belies my age - possible naive musings, but questions that puzzle me on occasion.
  • It is at first perfect at the instant the kernel is going to send forth the acrospire, and form itself into the future blade; it is again discovered perfect when the ear is labouring at its extrication, and hastening the production of the yet unformed kernels; in this it appears, the medium of nature's chemistry, equally employed by her in her mutation of the kernel into the blade, and her formation thus of other kernels, by which she effects the completion of that circle to which the operations of the vegetable world are limited. The American Practical Brewer and Tanner
  • A breastfed baby's stools should be frequent, greenish, inoffensively fragrant, loose, and unformed.
  • The child's character is as yet unformed.
  • Unformed officers patrolled areas around the town centre where people often parked cars for the whole day while at work.
  • It seems mean to point it out, to pick apart ideas so embryonic and unformed.
  • She had an unformed face, a teenage bride with puppy fat and acne. SNOWLINE
  • At whatever cost this information is made available to its potential users, it arrives unformed and unexperienced.
  • He is only a first time filmmaker, after all, and anyone familiar with his history as a video director knows he is unformed and developing.
  • While his energy is to be lauded, Avila's presentation consisted solely of a seemingly endless rambling account of unformed tales, hastily thrown together with little connection.
  • It seems mean to point it out, to pick apart ideas so embryonic and unformed.
  • Symptoms of yang deficiency include feeling cold, feeling fatigued and having unformed stools.
  • An egg contains water within its beautiful smooth surface; and an unformed mass, by the incubation of the parent, becomes a regular animal, furnished with bones and sinews, and covered with feathers.
  • This understanding is as yet embryonic, unformed, nowhere near as solidly defined as citizenship was in the very recent past.
  • Somewhere too, at the very back of his mind, will be the unformed idea that surely - if she does find herself in trouble - Hetty will know some old woman somewhere who will help her get rid of the unwanted thing.
  • Marie, as we have seen, was only seventeen, unformed and wild, full of youthful passion and social despair, on the verge of what we call prostitution; reckless, hopeless, with a deep touch of sullenness and hatred. An Anarchist Woman
  • But, he says, she is "unformed" on economic policy, adding: "I don't think they've really hit on a middle-class-friendly economic agenda. Palin Pitches Sam's Club Tent
  • The narrating persona admits that he cannot understand the unformed mind of the younger man he is describing.
  • I know not what strange premonition or unformed surmise had made me put in my wallet the thin overdress of a parabolanus. Gathering Clouds: A Tale of the Days of St. Chrysostom
  • Embryology then unfolds as the realization of an initially unformed but completely self-contained potential.
  • But then maybe I only think that because I believe they'd be benign and unformed stirrings, augmenting my life and not upheaving it.
  • She sipped her tea and felt that reality - the fabric of their future life - hovering, as yet amorphous, unformed, all about her. ON A WICKED DAWN
  • Scans showed she was tiny and that her left hand was unformed.
  • an as yet unformed government
  • A demon with no shape, only a kind of unformed sexual glare with the eye of prophecy. The Gunslinger
  • Catholic theologians, from Jerome to Augustine to Aquinas to the Council of Trent, more or less followed Aristotle's distinction between "unformed" and "formed" or "animated" fetuses to argue that ensoulment, and therewith, fully human life begins not at conception but at some later point in embryonic development. John Seery: Pro-life Phoniness
  • In the image the distance remains vague and unformed, in contrast to the foreground where a new town has sprung into existence, impelled into life by the railroad.
  • What he foolishly chose was an impressionable, unformed and emotionally needy young woman.

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