How To Use Unfitting In A Sentence

  • Twenty years later, the PCI now only a memory, Asor Rosa would compose a melancholy balance sheet of the Italian left, to which he and Tronti have remained in their own fashion faithful, while Cacciari today is an ornament of the right of the Democratic Party, combining - not unfittingly for an admirer of Wittgenstein - mysticism and technicism in a politics otherwise much like that of New Labour. London Review of Books
  • The remote village in Nalgonda district is an almost unfitting backdrop for the swank school building.
  • Perhaps Masaccio inserted the least creditable event in St Julian's life as a warning against reckless anger, yet it seems unfitting in an altarpiece partly in the saint's honour.
  • For such entertainments altogether enervate the minds of people, insensibly leading them into effeminacy, and unfitting them to endure those hardships, and fatigues, which must necessarily be undergone, to bring any province to perfection. A Renegade History of the United States
  • There's something not quite unfitting about Microsoft relocating people to Europe's last dictatorship.
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  • However, the country of origin effects of those unfitting product concepts did not lead to brand dilution like the brand name of neutral descriptive.
  • It's an unfitting end to Catlett's 30-year career.
  • It was a tawdry and unfitting end, for both sides.
  • Jinx grew up knowing that Sir Irwin cared for him, and that most other humans thought it strange and unfitting for a knight to keep such a pet.
  • It would, he thought with a smile, be most unfitting to explode on landing under the circumstances.
  • The tabloids condemned them, not unfittingly, as the curdled dregs of an outmoded caste.
  • He was a warrior, but there was something overwhelmingly human, and somewhat unfitting, about his noticeably large heart.
  • This is why many of my people see humans as unfitting leaders.
  • It seemed so unfitting, such beauty residing here.
  • It seemed that his death stood at the impasse of our days, unfittingly harbored in his ghostly life.
  • Quickly shaking my head, I tried to throw those unfitting thoughts out of my head.
  • The sexual harassment lawyer was skint manageably the bludgeoner sacramento arbitrable unfitting in jackasspolis, so at curvaceously electrostatically sousa got somehow crocodylia out it. Rational Review
  • This was said in a forceful, man-of-the-world style, very unfitting for a man of any religious order. SOMEWHERE EAST OF LIFE
  • It's barbaric and unfitting of a young lady like you.
  • It would, he thought with a smile, be most unfitting to explode on landing under the circumstances.
  • I can discard that which is unfitting and keep that which proved fitting, and invent something new for that which I discarded.
  • The youth groups planned to ‘sweep’ books they deem unfitting from bookstore shelves and destroy them.
  • These personal attacks are unfitting for a president, and unacceptable for a world leader.
  • In Kyoto, the traditionalists fought against his design as unfitting for Japan's ancient spiritual center.
  • For, as I said before, if it were unfitting for Him thus to indwell the part, it would be equally so for Him to exist within the whole. On the Incarnation
  • Luxury hotels london saw unmedical leibnizian cistern in a treed unfitting sky with sanguification thickset super crystallite menyanthes and agamogenetic. Rational Review
  • Nonetheless, it seems that the millennia-old roundhouse, within the course of a single century, came to be seen as socially unfitting, and that everyone who could, rebuilt their houses in an altogether new way.
  • The Lady with a modest blush, much condemned this folly in him, that his covetousnes should serve as a cloake to cover any unfitting speeches which her chaste eares could never endure to heare. The Decameron
  • I can discard that which is unfitting, and keep that which proved fitting, And invent something new for that which I discarded.
  • The traditional, elaborate individual memorialisation of death was seen as unfitting, over the top and irrelevant.
  • Thus fear can be unfittingly directed at something that isn't really dangerous, or fittingly directed at something that is.
  • It seems unfitting as a gift from one stranger to another.
  • That is a most unfitting name for such a wonderful beast.
  • But it was like a glowing reminder of the beautiful boy who'd once worn it so proudly, an unfitting tribute to all that the world had lost.

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