How To Use Unexpressed In A Sentence

  • In addition, unexpressed anger can lead to passive-aggressiveness - indirectly putting others down, for instance.
  • For many, there is an unexpressed belief that everything will be entirely digital, sooner or later.
  • The men of Lantana are generally inarticulate and choked with unexpressed emotion; they are the ones least equipped for disappointment.
  • The movie is crammed with characters and episodes and yet the unexpressed passion between Inman and Ada which is meant to give a surge to everything we see stifles it instead.
  • Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. Sigmund Freud 
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  • These emotions include fears, vulnerabilities, and unexpressed resentments.
  • Old resentments, hurts, ego wounds, emotional wounds, unresolved conflicts, memories of large and tiny defeats, unspoken truths and unexpressed love that has turned sour - the array is enormous.
  • If they remain unexpressed for a long period of time, they can really take their toll and ultimately cause long-term aches and pains. Sophie Keller: How Happy Is... 5 Reasons To Express Your Emotions
  • But if grief is unexpressed, it stays in the body and hardens there.
  • Often the reader feels inside their heads, hearing their unexpressed doubts or hunches.
  • Through evolutionary time, traits that are unexpressed are eventually lost.
  • The great author blurbed this as a ‘most amusing little book’ that ‘is far more than that’: ‘While it makes us laugh it exposes with uncanny insight many of our secret wishes and unexpressed desires.’
  • Love unexpressed is sacred. It'shines like gems in the gloom the hidden heart.
  • They parted with barely a word, but with a strength of unexpressed feeling. COFFIN IN FASHION
  • When you first allow your child to have full tantrums, she may have quite a few, because you've opened the doors to a storehouse full of unexpressed feelings.
  • Love unexpressed is sacred. It'shines like gems in the gloom of the hidden heart.
  • Without these complexes our subconscious urges and needs would have no form of expression and we would simply explode from within due to unexpressed emotions, a nervous breakdown.
  • One of the many scandalous realities we choose to ignore because we cannot assimilate it is the fact of unexpressed thought.
  • _nor_ that the powers of even _ordinary legislation_ cannot do it, -- _nor_ that the clause granting Congress "exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such District," gives no power to do it; but that the _unexpressed expectation_ of one of the parties that the other would not "in _all_ cases" _use_ the power which said party had consented _might be used_ "_in all cases_," _prohibits_ the use of it. The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4
  • his long face lugubriously reflecting a hidden and unexpressed compassion
  • I'm listening now to the Concerto, which always seemed to be hobbled by unexpressed expectations.
  • Don't you see in that sheet of paper a whole world of unexpressed ideas?
  • My own belief is that even if such things have little intrinsic significance, they (so to speak) concretize other, larger matters that may be lurking unexpressed beneath the surface of collective awareness. Poll: Three-Fourths Say Debate And Campaign Should Go Forward
  • the unexpressed terms of the agreement
  • Between them there was a deep unexpressed Bond of sympathy.
  • Love unexpressed is sacred. It'shines like gems in the gloom of the hidden heart.
  • Thus Philo Judaeus may equate the hy - ponoia of a text with its latent theme, its mystery, its secret, its unexpressed, unseen, nonliteral, or simply intelligible meaning. Dictionary of the History of Ideas
  • Searching out the bleached bones of the image we found instead flesh unexpressed by light.
  • Indeed, if sequence divergence decreases hybridization signal, these genes should have more frequently appeared overexpressed than unexpressed.
  • Gossip said she neglected Michael, and local attitudes became tinged with an unexpressed sympathy when he was around. THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: THE SANGREAL TRILOGY ONE
  • Wherever there is unexpressed possibility, or function not performed, there is unsatisfied desire.
  • As others have pointed out, unexpressed or obsolete genes may persist as open reading frames for some time even in the absence of selective maintenance.
  • Deeply felt emotions, especially declarations of undying love, are left unexpressed.
  • If terrorists are in your dreams, you need to release unexpressed anger.
  • The film shows the effect of a father's unexpressed grief on his eight-year old son, Garnet, whose mother died giving him birth.
  • Two girls are murdered in awful circumstances and there has to be an outlet for unexpressed rage.
  • As unexpressed, he feels it in what we called a helpless and oppressed way; as expressed, he feels in a way from which this sense of oppression has vanished. Collingwood's Aesthetics
  • Love unexpressed is sacred. It'shines like gems in the gloom the hidden heart.
  • There is no lingering malice or unexpressed resentment lurking among the ulterior motives of this sign.
  • Write down your feelings and unexpressed thoughts - the ones the breakup left you with and the ones you never told her about when you were friends.
  • I have worked with a lot of adults with autism, and you feel there is so much frustration, so much unexpressed emotion that they cannot manage.
  • Consequently, it is impossible to determine how selection would have acted on unexpressed alternative phenotypes in that environment.
  • Watch for clues to unexpressed anger, embarrassment, fear, and depression in the patient's facial expression, word choice, and body language.
  • We note that correction could occur between a highly expressed gene and an unexpressed pseudogene.
  • Their relationship was a minefield of unexpressed emotion, a place where both feared treading. GYPSY MASALA
  • A willingness to publicly admit to and acknowledge flawed behavior many would have liked to have left unexpressed and unconfessed should be part of the gene pool of church life and perhaps part of our public life, too. Elizabeth E. Evans: Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: An Unfinished Conversation About Christian Morality
  • Very novel for Hindus, they are beginning to assert themselves at the polls in hitherto unexpressed sense of oneness.
  • Unexpressed or unappreciated ideas manifest themselves in empty speech bubbles near the mouths of many characters.
  • Sensitive to the mental atmosphere about her, as a wind harp to the lightest breeze, Berene felt this unexpressed sentiment in the breast of her "benefactress" and strove to avoid anything which could aggravate it. An Ambitious Man

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