How To Use Undrape In A Sentence

  • undraped windows
  • Admittedly, they were ready sources for undraped models.
  • Menelaus’s sword was drawn to seek vengeance on the agent of his humiliation and suffering, but Helen had merely to undrape her breasts to change his mind. The Trojan War
  • Tibetans, for example, hang a curtain in front of their paintings of Buddha-figures - especially those whose forms are open to misunderstanding by the uninitiated - and undrape them only when meditating or performing rituals. Secondary Tantric Vows
  • Far above in the liquid darkness rolls the brilliant ball of the moon; beneath, in its light, lies the lake, in murmuring, troubled sleep; round about, the mountains, looking strange and blanched, seem to bare their heads and undrape their shoulders. Stories by American Authors, Volume 5
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  • “Are you all right?” the officer asked as he moved into the dining room, looking out of the undraped window to see if any perpetrators were hiding. Déjà Vu
  • Thus a Frenchman, viewing the undraped statues which bedizen his native galleries of art, either enjoys them in a purely aesthetic fashion -- which is seldom possible save when he is in liquor -- or confesses frankly that he doesn't like them at all; whereas the visiting Americano is so powerfully shocked and fascinated by them that one finds him, the same evening, in places where no respectable man ought to go. Damn! A Book of Calumny
  • Keith stood in front of his undraped panoramic windows with a sea of San Francisco skyline framing him. The Punany Experience
  • Keeping his eye on contemporary consumer demand in order to exploit the market's top end, he produced plates with undraped figures, but clothed them when he went ‘downmarket.’
  • In the chow lines the men used to read the English papers and the boys first became acquainted with ‘Janie,’ the Queen of the Comics, who could always find some excuse for presenting herself undraped to her readers.
  • Lathrop's care in describing the figures as ‘undraped’ rather than nude is indicative of the complicated moral territory occupied by the unclothed human body in art.
  • The prince does not dress himself and a male staffer, different from the one who shaves him every morning, was there to drape and undrape the substantial princely body. Richard Carlson: Money Talks
  • His eyes devoured her undraped form, and he felt his body responding, just like it always did. THE 4400® WELCOME TO PROMISE CITY
  • the undraped statue
  • Swiss chard seedlings are emerging from a fall sowing and a couple of bush tomato plants will grow up through the wire after the cloth is undraped in May. The Long And Short Of It-A Garden Tour « Fairegarden
  • As in statuary to the artist the partly undraped figure is suggestive only of beauty, free from indelicacy, so to the saint the personal excellencies of Jesus Christ, typified under the ideal of the noblest human form. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • I tell her what worried me most were the undraped photo-shoots she did for men's magazines such as FHM.
  • In the spring of 1893 a journalist wrote that she had ‘some strong figure work in her studio, the undraped model being the subject.’
  • Her experiences as wife to the degenerate Glyde are held back from the respectable reader, lest they offend like undraped piano legs in the drawing-room.
  • That was all there was in this tiny closet of a room; the naked girl, the undraped, iron-framed bed bolted to the floor, and four bare walls with bare wooden floor. red dust
  •  Bright windows stood undraped to the passing quill, and comfortable scenes of families at their business leaked out and warmed the chilly evening. The Feather
  • “Thank you very much,” I said as I tried to undrape Camilla without causing any serious injuries to either of us. DearlyDevotedDexter
  • There are two tombs in the body of the place; but none in the chancel, which is bare, except for the tall candlesticks, and the chancel rail, beyond which is the undraped altar of solid marble, upon which stand four small candlesticks, two at each end. Carnacki, the Ghost Finder
  • The next morning, Darren woke up to the sunlight that came in the undraped windows.
  • Extending into the kitchen, the 12-inch tiles attract the eye and combine with the undraped window to make the nook appear bright and spacious.

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