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[ US /ˌəndiˈtɝmənd, ˌəndɪˈtɝmɪnd/ ]
[ UK /ˌʌndɪtˈɜːmɪnd/ ]
  1. not precisely determined or established; not fixed or known in advance
    an indeterminate future
    an indeterminate point of law
    the influence of environment is indeterminate
    a zillion is a large indeterminate number
    of indeterminate age
  2. not yet having been ascertained or determined
    of undetermined species
  3. not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought
    our position on this bill is still undecided
    an open question
    our lawsuit is still undetermined
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How To Use undetermined In A Sentence

  • Ironically, today's scofflaw spirit, whatever its undetermined origins, is being encouraged unwittingly by government at many levels.
  • In 2007, Rajaratnam suffered a "severe cryptogenic stroke," or a stroke of undetermined cause, Wise said. BusinessWeek.com -- Top News
  • It is well known that such undetermined deaths of young people beg disturbing questions.
  • Police blamed seven murders on gang clashes, six on domestic violence, four on robbery and two on mob vendettas, while the motives behind the other 28 were undetermined.
  • In seconds, the robbers had an undetermined amount of cash and left the building through the front door.
  • Thus, the choice between commodity and inconvertible paper is that between determined or undetermined exchange value of the money.
  • As in physical bodies, so also in the sacramental rite we find two elements, one undetermined, which is called the matter, the other determining, called the form. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock
  • There's that moment that comes in every doomed relationship when you know with stabbing certainty that it will, at some undetermined point in the future, end painfully.
  • For some still undetermined reason, the numbers of voles, lemmings, and hares soar in some years and plummet in others.
  • The image has the swiftness of haiku, with its undetermined but focused looking.
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