How To Use Underspend In A Sentence

  • However, with the headline increases just announced, it will be more difficult to push their "underspend" mantra, when funds are increasing in real terms and Cameron has yet to sanction any increased spending on the forces. Archive 2007-07-01
  • It was an underspend, but that money is all promised and expected.
  • If the 'underspend' is the result of good practice (ie greater efficiency, smarter use of the money etc.) then there may be an argument for rewarding good practice by encouraging the organisation to use the remainder imaginatively (thus fuelling blue skies etc.) and furthermore if they are lambasted for an 'underspend' then there is no encouragement to either work more efficiently or take care of their budget etc. Quango chief's dilemma: how best to spend a spare £1m?
  • The financial report presented to Tuesday's meeting pointed out that the term underspend includes both reduced spending and/or increased income. Whitehaven News headlines
  • The department's gross underspending on critical areas was labelled as an outrage in light of wasteful expenditure on non-essentials such as catering, consultants and ‘mystery’ costs.
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  • There has been an underspend in the department's budget.
  • Healthy patients underspending could qualify for a 'no claims discount'; patients with several long-term conditions might run out of funds. Times, Sunday Times
  • Past underspends have fallen disproportionately on capital investment programmes.
  • The Europeans "underspend" on defense not just because the American guarantee allowed them to enter a garden of Perpetual Peace, [15] but because in the third quarter of this century they chose to devote a lot of money to expensive (and very popular) public services. Its Own Worst Enemy
  • One positive development is an underspend of £2.5million in the trust's capital spending, meaning the unspent cash can help ease the deficit.
  • However, after another summer of underspending, what is the aim this time? Times, Sunday Times
  • Therefore, I have never disputed the fact that up until then there was a serious underspend in relation to infrastructure spend in the West.
  • This is, of course, a contrast with private businesses, where underspending is rewarded. Times, Sunday Times
  • ‘In any big organisation that spends £180 million there are going to be some areas where you overspend and underspend,’ he said.
  • ‘We accept that this is a priority area, but since you are already underspending, we don't believe they'll be able to spend more of it,’ an official said.
  • The department's gross underspending on critical areas was labelled as an outrage in light of wasteful expenditure on non-essentials such as catering, consultants and ‘mystery’ costs.
  • Restructuring and underspending by $1 million wouldn't be enough for the church to sustain itself.
  • Prescribing costs ranged from an underspend of 7% to an overspend of 14%.
  • They tended to underspend budgets rather than overspend budgets.
  • He said that the council had been underspending for too long and that was why services were now cut to the bone or had been scrapped over the past four years.
  • But it's not for lack of money and is as much a private sector deficit as underspending by the state. Times, Sunday Times
  • The underspend on road maintenance is a national scandal.
  • There is a real question over how the huge extra expenditure can be absorbed and put to use in a system that already has difficulty not producing an underspend in its budgets from year to year.
  • Now underspending of £2000 million on this year's planned public expenditure may persuade ministers to dive into the metals market.
  • Last year, there was a $500 million underspend.
  • If you can underspend by, say, £50 or £100 a month, you can then phone your bank and get them to reduce your overdraft by an equivalent amount.
  • Building in incentives like this could lead to under-treatment in the name of achieving budget underspends, and in doing so seriously undermine patient-GP relations. NHS reform could see GP surgeries on stock market
  • It's common practice for organisations with a budget to make sure they use it to the hilt because they know that an 'underspend' will automatically result in a smaller budget the following year. Quango chief's dilemma: how best to spend a spare £1m?
  • If you can keep trying to underspend by a little bit here and there and reduce your overdraft accordingly each time, you'll soon find that you don't have one anymore.
  • They admitted there was an underspend; they didn't have a good story to tell.
  • One positive development is an underspend of £2.5 million in the trust's capital spending, meaning the unspent cash can help ease the deficit.
  • It has also been revealed that almost half of local authorities are underspending on road maintenance.
  • To help them do this, some of the 2002/03 underspends were carried forward to 2004/05.
  • Recently, the underspending on sink schools and difficult pupils has been partly reversed, but this isn't nearly enough. Times, Sunday Times
  • But we are in no way complacent about underspends and we are taking steps to reduce them.
  • In future there will be a close watch kept on what happens to underspends at the end of the financial year.
  • The board was told that its prescribing budget is likely to end this financial year with an underspend of £150,000.
  • As I advised the member yesterday, I was informed 2 months ago of the underspend.
  • Large underspends, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, have been rung up in the education and environmental services departments.
  • The performance of the public service is characterised by underspending and overambition, Public Service Commission (PSC) chairman Stan Sangweni said on Wednesday ANC Daily News Briefing
  • A one million pound underspend of a 2.2bn pound budget = 0.05% rounded up. Quango chief's dilemma: how best to spend a spare £1m?
  • In fact, the council has managed to underspend by over £6 million.
  • Proper budgeting is impossible until this is done and we have to get away from a situation where we have simply moved from overspending to underspending.
  • In an environment where departments operate with significantly high vacancy rates the expectation is to have them underspend their budgets.
  • And not just underspending, but underspending by the gobsmackingly neglectful sum of 374 million. Times, Sunday Times
  • He said it was based on an underspend in the past year, and when this was combined with inflation, the increase was virtually wiped out.
  • We have been underspending on our roading network for the past 20 years, and that is why we are in the current situation.
  • At the same time, poor planning and delivery mean that the province is expected to underspend on child-support grants, food parcels and the building of houses.
  • The actual contribution was £275,000, due to an underspend within the total budget.
  • But later that month officials found a further 5.3 billion underspending. Times, Sunday Times
  • This council must make up for all the underspending or they will find themselves out at the council elections this year.
  • We are required not to overspend, so there will always be a propensity to underspend.
  • In June his underspend was due to come in at £600m.
  • Insiders in the water industry blame decades of underspending for the poor state of the water network.
  • Oh … and whilst I bang on …. .at my station last week we were told that Area HQ had found £1,000,000 in underspend and we could make a request/application for new equipment. Police Pay Award (Lose the smiles) « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • She believes that the underspend was deliberately engineered by the company so that it could use the surplus to fund its other activities.
  • We had an underspend from the budget of 2001 and 2002, and we decided it was best targeted at a one-off project.
  • There is finite funding, but we consistently underspend.
  • In the email, leaked to the Daily Mail, Cahn said: The FCO is heading for an underspend and wants to get money out of the door. Quango chief's dilemma: how best to spend a spare £1m?
  • Is the Minister aware of any other district health boards that have deviated from their nominated budgets, resulting in underspending and a reduction of services and treatment in their regions?
  • But he has done so and more with some departments actually underspending. Times, Sunday Times

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