How To Use Underling In A Sentence

  • He's deposed by a treacherous underling, winds up on the street, and is taken in by a tough noodle vendor with messed up teeth.
  • Once Patty realized that Ellen had regrets, Patty knew that her underling was a loose cannon. Undefined
  • Article 29 charges him and his staff and political cronies and underlings with "conspiracy to violate the Civil Rights Act of 1965" (co-author Bob Fitrakis, attorney-at-law, helped draft these Articles 28 and 29 based in part on information that was first posted at www. Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman: Obama Must Learn From Kucinich's Election Theft Impeachment
  • The underling mechanism of species diversity on primary production and ecosystem stability was different.
  • His scheming boss and mob underling, Sykes, demands that Oscar pay up the clams he has borrowed during his get-rich-quick schemes.
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  • If I decide to hold a double execution of the hero and an underling who failed or betrayed me, I will see to it that the hero is scheduled to go first.
  • 3. While there is a limited class of overlings in the military who will tell you explicitly what they want, and commit the same to writing when there are hazards in the execution, your typical overling expects underlings to be able to read between the lines. Awwwwwwkward.
  • He was berating one of his underlings for all the world to hear.
  • It was certain that Oswald might have a subconscious desire to injure his underling.
  • Dalziel drove his troops mercilessly when the occasion demanded, but he took his own bumps and rarely passed them on to his underlings. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • Partly, that's because we like Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto), the risk-management underling who figures out what's coming and calls his half-drunk boss (Paul Bettany), who calls his boss, who calls his. NPR Topics: News
  • The Andy Gray video that came out yesterday is clearcut bullying and harassment of an underling, which is a sackable offence. The Guardian World News
  • While driving home along an empty stretch of freeway from a dinner party at a senior executive's house outside Houston, the ultracompetitive Bethune thought he'd leave his underling, Smisek, in the dust and pulled away in his Porsche at 130 miles per hour. Continental CEO Jeff Smisek sports a competitive streak
  • What is truly shocking, though, is the picture that was painted by her staff about how Glenda Stone - this great adviser on equality - 'micromanaged' and controlled her underlings from day to day. Home | Mail Online
  • If the overling has a piece of paper that says something exists, the underling is not going to identify himself as unreliable by disclosing he can’t find it. Awwwwwwkward.
  • The establishment of a social system in which a section of the population is defined as the underling and another as the master is itself an act of violence - an act of violence which can only acquire permanence by the continuing use of violence. STATEMENT AT THE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR CONFERENCE, GENEVA, JUNE 19, 1986(1)
  • He was, in effect, accusing the present incumbent of being another stapler-thrower, underling-bawler, back-of-the-seat thumper as Brown is alleged to have been. David Cameron is out of his tree | Simon Hoggart's sketch
  • Self. detach, by Tim Horntrich and Jens Wunderling "decomposes" Flickr self-portraits into grains of colored sand, literally materializing the pixels; Caleb Larsen's Rhizome Inclusive: News, Blog, and Digest
  • What's more, the dominant demoiselle seemed to flaunt her power, chasing her underlings and pinning them into corners of the aquarium.
  • Facts that did not serve him were treated like unruly underlings.
  • Phillip ordered his underlings, repeating the orders from his superiors.
  • A medieval underling writing to his superior often signs himself "your servant and bedesman. The Romance of Names
  • So I've got twice the number of underlings to ruthlessly torment now.
  • Then she sent an underling, who appeared only upon the condition that EZRA LEVANT NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK. [shrieky emphasis in original] Archive 2009-06-01
  • He heard Kiesler rap out an answer to an underling 's question in German. THE SOUND OF MURDER
  • He lowered the papers and looked across at his two underlings.
  • The common belief that the eating of the grain by insects is a consequence of the covetousness of the yamen underlings is shown to be futile. Lunheng
  • I know that Zbukov immediately contacted Stalin directly with a request that be involve himself in the fate of the American pilots, who as he understood, were lusted from the very beginning as having perished But neither Stalin nor his underlings responded to the disgraced marshal. FULL downloadable PDF file is available from the DPMO Website
  • In one scene, her new underling is caught snickering at the process of choosing a belt for a dress. Fashion and Quilting: Two Roads
  • I can vouch for the fact that managers take delight in doing nothing other than following their underlings around to bollock them for not complying with whatever made-up procedure springs to mind. Ground Control To Major Tom. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Alfred Hyslop, as Mellinger, eye-pops and mugs for the camera, veering dangerously close to Carry On territory, while Paul Ravich, the actor playing Booth, Mellinger’s main underling, comes to resemble the spaced-out astro-hippies in John Carpenter’s Dark Star. Ballardian » Simon Brook's Minus One
  • `Surely as an officer, you wouldn't think of delegating to an underling something you wouldn't do yourself? SAN ANDREAS
  • Even in terms of his own quite awesome power he was nothing but an underling in relation to his superior.
  • The khansamah would appear to be the only functionary in residence until the hour of departure draws near, when a whole party of underlings -- chowkidars, bheesties, and sweepers -- appear from nowhere in particular; and the lordly traveller, having presented them with about twopence apiece, rolls off along the dusty white road, leaving the khansamah and his myrmidons salaaming on the verandah. A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil
  • You always need secrets to barter with, the more important the secrets the safer you are, because you never know when you or an underling or overling will make the mistake that leaves you as naked and as helpless as a spiked butterfly. Noble House
  • Today's media is awash in advice for business managers, tips on how to command underlings, sway bosses and squeeze a bottom line.
  • The reason is that Chavez cannot tolerate that the spotlight is taken away from him and when that happens he always burps something out that is sure to send the country into a newer chaotic spasm since Chavez underlings are unable to discern what is a mere dissimulated form of swearing and what might be actually a state policy. Lapi, Chavez and private health care
  • The word comprehended all that was delivered or dispensed by the lord to his underlings or domestics -- money, victuals, wine, garments, fuel, and lights; but no doubt it was employed more particularly of external and distinctive garb. The Customs of Old England
  • Context is everything, so we should probably note that Christina Ricci wore the dress at right to an event honoring performance artist Marina Abramovic's MOMA exhibit, in which the artist spent the past several days -- possibly catheterized -- sitting stock still in a chair while her naked underlings elsewhere in the museum did their best to shock and awe titillated visitors. Fashion Statement: Hanging out with Christina Ricci
  • Elites depend on normative interpretations of cultural forms to promote docile and tractable underlings; non-elites reinterpret the great traditions in order to meet their own social needs.
  • That's the open-air office, the egalitarian "bullpen" that Bloomberg, whose spare cubicle is no fancier than any of his underlings, brought to City Hall.
  • I remember kithing a secret deposition made by a man named Sharanth Li Chu who was an underling of Edmond Jaspari. THE BROKEN GOD
  • But when you have Repugs wearing diapers and toe-tapping in stalls and sleeping with underlings wives, I guess even young people know hypocricy when they see it. Think Progress » Huckabee Compares Gays To Drug Users, Says They’re Unfit To Adopt Kids Because ‘Children Are Not Puppies’
  • You see, they still were underlings, but put together they made one big overling. From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor
  • Fancy a creature that has pettifogged, as an underling too, all his life. ' That Stick
  • Cheered on by a Washington media rooting section that could only be portrayed by a cackling Heath Ledger brought back from the dead and replicated to fill every seat at Politico, Edwards is now caricatured as a shrill, unhinged she-devil rending her garments in airports and slicing the Achilles tendons of underlings with the vicious alacrity of a demanding hellcat. Tom Watson: The Cartooning of Elizabeth Edwards
  • The underling mechanism of species diversity on primary production and ecosystem stability was different.
  • When underlings asked him to defend the company more forcefully against charges that it was largely to blame for the housing crisis, he told employees that he didn't want to "litigate" the past, two people familiar with the matter said. Freddie Chief Quits After Six Months
  • She dismissed him as if he were her unvalued underling, but he knew better now.
  • Dalziel drove his troops mercilessly when the occasion demanded, but he took his own bumps and rarely passed them on to his underlings. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • As the warden gazed out the open door, one of his underlings, a rather stout fellow named Mr. Hersby, approached the nervous man.
  • Hunan Province Tobacco Company has established and implemented the master budget management system in the early of 2004 and has required the underling municipal enterprises to put into practice.
  • No Gernian cavalla officer, no matter how high his rank, would have allowed underlings to tend him as assiduously as Soldier's Boy's feeders did. Renegade's Magic
  • Even in terms of his own quite awesome power he was nothing but an underling in relation to his superior.
  • These autocratic managers quickly punish any underling who would begin to demand an ethical basis for work and production.
  • The popular caricature paints Jobs as a brilliant, driven man-child running around Apple in sandals and shorts, screaming at underlings while trying to build the perfect digital machine.
  • If Müntze is a complex and very human Nazi, he's counterbalanced by the presence of his hulking, maniacally leering underling Franken (Waldemar Kobus), who's only missing a "stein" (the Jewish last name of the film's heroine, of course) to turn him into the monster he so clearly represents. 2/11: Black Book
  • • Changes at News International, where James Murdoch, discombobulated perhaps by the phone-hacking revelations, devises new ways to disconcert his underlings. Hugh Muir's Diary
  • He's got an ego the size of Ecuador, bad hair, ugly glasses and the kind of ambition that grinds up underlings and flattens more decent people than a steamroller at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert.
  • A record-label underling is charged with making sure a down-and-out rock star makes it to his comeback anniversary concert in L.A. Backstory: Russell Brand reprises the loutish rocker character he played in the 2008 comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
  • It was entertaining, but it was not diplomacy, and, sooner or later, Louis was certain to be 'blackmailed' by some underling in his service. Historical Mysteries
  • I was hired on the spot because my inquisitor thought I evidenced a degree of cheekiness that would ensure my survival as her underling.
  • That idol of which I speak was known as Der Fuhrer and his presently living US imitator and co-workers, underlings and others, would like to see themselves held in such Shock and Awe terms, with slaves all atremble at their feet. "War Criminal, Terrorist," Some Say, Escapes French Justice.
  • He is a mere underling, and underlings should not interfere with her plans.

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