How To Use Underestimation In A Sentence

  • Ignoring the heterogeneity may lead to a serious underestimation of sample sizes.
  • We call the multiplicative factor in equation (4) the factor of underestimation, PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Usually the film badge is worn underneath the lead apron, which introduces a very serious underestimation of the real dose.
  • He says the budget inherited from the previous administration and gross underestimation of the cost of services, including refuse collection, are to blame.
  • They continued dogmatically with the Left sectarian mistakes such as over-assessment of the international situation and the subjective strength, and an underestimation of the enemy forces and hence could not build any movement of significance. Interview with Ganapathy, General Secretary, CPI(Maoist)
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  • And there was the calamitous underestimation of the fighting power and resolution of the soldiers.
  • We use a standard correction for this underestimation, as follows.
  • On the part of therapist, lack of empathy, negative countertransference, underestimation of the severity of the patient's problems, and poor technique all have been associated with negative outcome.
  • When small samples are used to estimate population standard deviations, the results are biased in the direction of underestimation.
  • The negative and positive signs on the ordinate mean, respectively, underestimation and overestimation of the expected values.
  • This would result in the underestimation of the tectonic subsidence that occurred during the deposition of the shales.
  • Overestimation of height and underestimation of weight in overweight people will magnify underestimation of body mass index.
  • Mean zero noise is associated with underestimation of distribution volumes when data are analyzed with graphic analysis.
  • Tim, to the uninitiated, may look just like many other tan coloured dogs but that would be an underestimation.
  • This is due to the enemy's underestimation of China and also to his shortage of troops.
  • Since this study did not focus on short-term dynamics of induction kinetics on a scale of seconds, correction was not made for the underestimation of peaks due to mixing in the cuvette as suggested by Pearcy et al..
  • overestimation of future CO2 sink saturation overestimation of historic aerosol cooling underestimation of solar forcing neglection of unforced internal variability of the climate system overestimation of historic volcanic cooling SPM released « Climate Audit

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