[ US /ˌəndɝdəˈvɛɫəpmənt/ ]
[ UK /ˌʌndədɪvˈɛləpmənt/ ]
  1. state of inadequate development
    much poverty can be traced to the underdevelopment of industry
  2. (photography) inadequate processing of film resulting in inadequate contrast
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How To Use underdevelopment In A Sentence

  • These low levels of wages are not merely explainable by the level of education and productivity of the workers; the structures of underdevelopment are perhaps the main determinants.
  • If this function is abnormal, infertility, infantile underdevelopment, maldevelopment, weakness of bone development, etc. will manifest.
  • The book is sprinkled with interesting asides, sometimes in footnotes (like one explaining why Africa's geography - its short, shallow coastlines and unnavigable rivers - helps explain ‘the Dark Continent's ‘underdevelopment).’
  • He noted the relevance of science and technology ‘to the struggle for development and pushing back the frontiers of poverty and underdevelopment’.
  • Historians have been dubious about the benefits of mercantilism, but they have also been unanimous in attributing much of Spain's industrial and commercial underdevelopment to the absence of such policies.
  • Giving Muslim states nuclear power, he insists, is critical to prevent "a conflict between Islam and the West," to help Muslim states fend off "underdevelopment," and to prevent an "explosion of terrorism. Atomic Non-Allies
  • There is so-called underdevelopment because there is an ever-widening gap between underdevelopment and so-called development. Castro Calls Presidential Summit `A Joke'
  • The entire Third World, Bangladesh, India, countries from all continents, are suffering the consequences of the so-called underdevelopment, which resulted from colonialism in the past centuries and the exploitation which we suffered. Fidel Castro's 8 Aug News Conference
  • Underdevelopment is the process by which capitalist forces expand to subdue and impoverish the Third World.
  • KwaZulu/Natal is plagued by severe social and economic underdevelopment, which is not helped by a sluggish provincial government, which has removed itself from cooperation with the rest of the country. ANC Daily News Briefing
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