[ US /ˈəndɝˌkət/ ]
  1. cut obliquely into (a tree) below the main cut and on the side toward which the tree will fall
  2. sell cheaper than one's competition
  3. strike (the ball) in golf, tennis, or hockey obliquely downward so as to give a backspin or elevation to the shot
  4. cut away material from the underside of (an object) so as to leave an overhanging portion in relief
  5. cut away the underpart of
    undercut a vein of ore
  1. the tender meat of the loin muscle on each side of the vertebral column
  2. a notch cut in the trunk of tree in order to determine the direction of its fall
  3. (sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball
    cuts do not bother a good tennis player
  4. a cut made underneath to remove material
  5. the material removed by a cut made underneath
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How To Use undercut In A Sentence

  • Online bookstores can undercut retailers by up to 30%.
  • The Dutch employed fleets of full-rigged ships of relatively large tonnage, which enabled them to undercut the freight charges of their competitors by a significant margin.
  • In 1984 Congress undercut the exclusionary rule which barred evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  • Yet I fear that the validity of the observation is undercut by two factors. Times, Sunday Times
  • In the meantime, we are undercutting his authority.
  • But it's worth remembering that, barely a century ago, the great male fear was not of alpha females with intimidatingly large salaries but their polar opposite: women were seen, rather like immigrant labour now, as dangerously liable to undercut men's wages by doing the same work for less. Young women are now earning more than men – that's not sexist, just fair | Gaby Hinsliff
  • In recent decades, the Severn has been steadily undercutting the riverside churchyard at Newnham.
  • Most print dealers were so desperate that they would undercut your price by a measly hundred dollars just to ace you out of a deal.
  • Avoiding regulatory costs and national or local taxes in an effort to undercut existing providers. Times, Sunday Times
  • Preparation includes removing baseboards and undercutting the casing of the door to make sure the new tiles will fit.
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