How To Use Under wraps In A Sentence

  • While von Hagens is keen to keep the pose of the superstar's plastinate under wraps, he hinted that the moonwalk position would naturally be favoured.
  • Treasures are kept here under wraps, inside cages, uncaptioned. The Times Literary Supplement
  • While some celebs enjoy parading their latest beau for the camera, most keep their private lives under wraps, preferring to keep their loved ones out of the limelight and away from the gossips.
  • In much the same manner, Bernard's efforts to keep his experiment with the children under wraps remain equally doomed to ineffectuality.
  • She ended up with a lapful of garter snakes instead of worms—a classic example of how sometimes my wishes go wrong—and after that I realized I had to be extra, extra careful and keep my magic under wraps! The Multiplying Menace
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  • The facts of these soldiers' cases are under wraps, partly because they've been sequestered from the media by their commander.
  • Now which kind of thing can't be kept under wraps since it was witnessed by many people who wasted no time in flitting along a word to a tabloids. Wondertrash: Too Much pf a GOOP Thing?
  • He is also working on another project that he must keep under wraps at the moment.
  • And while most people are happy to keep a sensitive condition under wraps, some delight in the perversity of its exploitation.
  • Intrigued by the regular knee problems encountered by footballers Dr Oyudo recruited the help of a number of English soccer stars, whose names have been kept firmly under wraps.
  • But the idea was kept under wraps for years until it was marketable.
  • In the final days the team have been keeping their findings under wraps. Times, Sunday Times
  • You can never keep a launch as big as ours completely under wraps.
  • On the Mercury comments page, "Orlon Slax" points out that most lawyers would offer a prominent client payment terms to avoid further embarrassment, and wonders if Adams isn't spending the big bucks to keep other inconvenient matters under wraps - Let the speculation roll! Big buzz (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • For all that she hogged the spotlight with her public persona, West vigilantly maintained her boundaries, pulling off the remarkable trick of keeping her private life under wraps.
  • He keeps his private life under wraps because 'as a comedian, you want to be able to create a dreamscape'. Times, Sunday Times
  • A seaside council criticised by the District Auditor over a contracts scandal was at the centre of a row yesterday for keeping the results of two investigations into what went wrong under wraps.
  • This impeccably chosen set of ballads and booty-shakers - finally getting an official release after McGraw's legal dispute with his label kept it under wraps for nearly two years - shows his range while it honors contemporary country's paradigms. News
  • I'm inclined lately to start whining about SGA again, but I am aware exactly how much that kind of thing annoys people who *are* feeling good about life, the fandom, and everything, so I'm thinking I might lock everything down so as not to be that crushing killjoy that nobody likes well, so as to keep it somewhat under wraps that I *am* that crushing killjoy that nobody likes. this magical thing you call a flock
  • The overall effect gives weight to the opinions of some of your correspondents that this is a very convenient rule indeed if a councillor wishes to avoid commitment or keep sensitive information under wraps.
  • Finally, insofar as President Bush has exercised his powers to engage in surreptitious electronic surveillance without court-issued warrants in violation of the FISA, on the basis of an implausibly broad construction of his inherent Article II powers and a reading of the AUMF that was rightly repudiated in a slightly different context by the Supreme Court's recent Hamdan decision, the "fix" reportedly negotiated between The White House and Senator Arlen Specter, in which the legality of the NSA program of warrantless surveillance would be submitted for adjudication on the basis of a one-sided presentation to the FISA court by the Executive Branch -- which alone would be authorized to control the evidence to be considered, the forum for its consideration, whether the proceedings would be public or secret, and whether the result would be published or kept under wraps, and which alone would be authorized to appeal an adverse ruling to an Article III court including the Supreme Court -- is as transparently phony and futile as is the suggestion of a congressionally enacted vehicle to confer standing on someone to obtain a judicial ruling on the legality of this President's signing statements. Balkinization
  • Details of the campaign by Visit Britain, the new organisation responsible for marketing Britain to the rest of the world, are being kept under wraps until the launch in September.
  • Now Nolan needs to keep the rest of face under wraps, but I suspect there will be a poster with it in full glory. mICHAEL jOHNSON on May 4, 2008 good catch joel …. .and the dark knight coaster is gonna be trash … if your near the one in jackson, NJ it is just a rehash of skull mountain … lol Must Watch: Second Full Trailer for The Dark Knight! «
  • Next year's collection is still being kept under wraps.
  • In fact, he asks everyone at the meeting to keep the donor idea under wraps.
  • Network execs, who say they will maintain a premium on rates, have the new shows under wraps.
  • Temasek has traditionally kept its performance and strategies under wraps but it dominates Singapore business like no other company in Western economies.
  • Just how seriously council is considering that option, or other financial decisions associated with the project, is being kept under wraps.
  • There has been much speculation that the Lions are merely keeping it all under wraps.
  • But the corporation has kept the report under wraps amid claims it is frightened that it will 'inflame' Muslims around the world. Westergaard accuses BBC of appeasement....
  • You could keep that under wraps in the days when talk pieces were unsigned. Times, Sunday Times
  • The exact location of the bar and shop is currently under wraps, but Mr Batchelor has promised to unveil his long-awaited stadium designs before the end of the season.
  • Included in those extras is a fly-over, but Anderson kept the details under wraps. Single-speed ‘crossers head to “world championships” in Washington
  • While details are being kept under wraps, the title kinda gives away the plot. From Inside the Box
  • Because it did not have final approval, the project was kept under wraps.
  • It goes without saying that I can expect your complete confidence and secrecy in keeping this matter under wraps prefatory to completion.
  • the plan was kept carefully under wraps
  • Neil also bought Lucy's engagement ring, a diamond solitaire from Deacon's and managed to keep it under wraps until he popped the question in Cyprus.
  • Although the exact sums are being kept under wraps, a five-figure deal for an England Under-21 squad player makes Howarth an absolute snip for Rovers.
  • You could keep that under wraps in the days when talk pieces were unsigned. Times, Sunday Times
  • Until then they had gone to great lengths to keep the relationship under wraps. The Sun
  • It is indeed awkward to let out the truth about double standards, although it is remarkable that administrators think that students will not make invidious comparisons if the statistics are kept under wraps.
  • A separate rate would be arranged for families wishing to hire canoes, although many of the details of the project remain under wraps.
  • Will he keep their secret under wraps? The Sun
  • Have you felt you needed to keep these aspects of yourself under wraps lately?
  • Ford's new range of cars is being kept firmly under wraps until the Geneva auto show.
  • However, the details of when the group was to leave, or the exact route they would take, were kept under wraps by the organisers, who wanted it all to be a surprise for the participants.
  • It hasn't been that hard to keep it under wraps because if I'm told not to repeat something, then I don't.
  • Synopsis: The details are still being kept under wraps, but if the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer is anything to judge by, we'll be seeing more demonic home invasion caught on "amateur home video.
  • Although she was keeping the details under wraps, town centre manager Debbie O'Brien did reveal that the theme of this year's display will be Winter Wonderland.
  • Unlike Turner, who's accustomed to publicly displaying his developing work, Isaac has previously kept her dances under wraps.
  • This rather romantic background was kept virtually under wraps in my childhood. Times, Sunday Times
  • But after being successfully kept under wraps for months, their love match exploded on to the front pages this week. The Sun
  • The firm's obsessive focus on secrecy helps keep any misdeeds under wraps, say the sources.
  • Perfume houses take very great care to ensure that the ingredients of their flagship products are kept under wraps.
  • But the corporation has kept the report under wraps amid claims it is frightened that it will "inflame" Muslims around the world. Infidel Bloggers Alliance
  • Details of the scheme are being kept under wraps, but it is likely to be a leisure and entertainment-based development, and the stadium will retain its sports facilities.
  • New York, Sept 3: Dusty Springfield kept her lesbianism under wraps by claiming that men were too 'daunted' by her success to wed, according to a book about the singer. News Feed
  • The overwhelming musical score and the too consistent whirling dervish camera only work to expose the film's desperate bid to keep its core vapidity under wraps.
  • Some cases remain under wraps for a long time simply because the young victims fear being punished by their abusers.
  • My company was way less buttoned-down and closed-mouth than most, so the problem wasn't them, but me; I'd sucked down enough of the Kool-Aid by my mid-twenties to keep lots of myself under wraps and behind the veil, the way most corporate people do -- a stupid waste of creativity and human power. Liz Ryan: Putting The 'Human' Back In HR, Part Two
  • He is under strict orders to keep the subject of his investigation under wraps, but one could hazard a wild guess that it will touch on matters political.
  • Let's face it, women have gone to great lengths over the centuries, to keep their beauty techniques under wraps.
  • The numbers from these tests are still very preliminary and are mostly being kept under wraps.
  • Instead of keeping too many feelings under wraps, you can do the heart-to-heart talking that transforms your partnership. The Sun
  • This impeccably chosen set of ballads and booty-shakers - finally getting an official release after McGraw's legal dispute with his label kept it under wraps for nearly two years - shows McGraw's range while it honors contemporary country's paradigms. News
  • ‘I guess we've both been trying to keep things under wraps,’ she suggested with a tremulous smile.
  • The day of nuptials culminated with a brief comedy moment - as members of the cast hit the dancefloor to reveal some interesting moves - before ruthless Rob bedded the bridesmaid to keep the sordid secret under wraps.
  • The reason there's been such a concerted effort to keep information under wraps now seems obvious: it's because that information is embarrassing.
  • The Evening Press understands that another major signing could also be on the way to bring further cheer to the supporters - though his name has so far been kept under wraps.

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