How To Use Uncured In A Sentence

  • Dublin's many tanneries required running water in which to soak piles of uncured leather.
  • uncured pelts
  • By the light of this sun I was, in my own opinion, last to behold and take leave of some of those creatures on whom I doted with a mother-like fondness, guided by nature and passion, and uncured and unhardened by all the doctrine of that philosophical school where I had learned to bear pains and to despise death. The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon
  • Likely scoopful no menura for the truculent loutish on this web shrub, but does arcadic crete of the mouthful colonizer dangerously forgivably each. of my cherokee lampyridae fickleness from my uncured propanal, wedlock, trombiculid, and espial from my destitution. Rational Review
  • Fix it: Karen Youso answers questions about foreign DVDs and "uncured" meat. The Seattle Times
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  • Uncured pork from a firm at Wisbech, Cambs, has been withdrawn from sale by supermarkets and shops.
  • PRECAUTIONS: Uncured resins may cause skin sensitization in susceptible persons. In case of contact, wash skin with soap and water.
  • It said it could do so, with written notice, as a result of "uncured incapacity," and also said that Mr. Sheen's flurry of media appearances violates part of his contract related to publicity. Warner Bros. Fires Charlie Sheen
  • Q When a food item, such as a package of hot dogs, says that it's "uncured," what does that mean? rss feed
  • Press the nail heads, pearl studs and other embellishments of your choice into the uncured Gold and Copper clays surrounding the image transfers.
  • The missiles that fly are also schools that have not been built, water supplies that remain impure and diseases that stay uncured.
  • Results Among 217 patients, 212 were cured(97.5%), 5 were partially improved(2.5%), without uncured case. The cardiopulmonary function of the cured patients were normal, the complications disappeared.
  • Furthermore, none of the particles may have a diameter greater than the thickness of the uncured fluid layer.
  • According to LiveScience, the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest defines barbecue as “pork meat (fresh or frozen and uncured) prepared only on a wood and/or charcoal fire.” The grills of summer
  • The Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act is a chance to alleviate, perhaps even defeat paralysis, uncured since the dawn of Man. Don C. Reed: Eleven Million Dollars -- or Nothing -- for Paralysis Cure Research
  • Balance high-sodium foods with other foods (fruits, vegetables, uncured meats) that are low in sodium.
  • Esther Inglis-Arkell believes that the series will end with Barbara as Oracle, uncured: Your Mileage May Vary | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment
  • I have included below an MSDS for a typical epoxy — however this is for the uncured resin. Technical FAQ with Lennard Zinn: Is carbon fiber dust safe? Premature bearing wear
  • It said it could do so, with written notice, as a result of "uncured incapacity. Sheen Sues Warner Bros.

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