How To Use Uncultivable In A Sentence

  • I remember visits to the resettlement sites, where land was uncultivable, water salty, fodder for domestic animals unavailable and communities fragmented.
  • In their undeveloped corner of the Himalayas, these people still dress in traditional tribal clothes, barter their produce and scratch a living from land that would be discarded as uncultivable in most Western countries. Daniel Keeler: The Big Green Gamble
  • For the sea, the uncultivable sea, as Homer calls it, is itself a road, whereas on earth, whether it be mountain or desert or field, roads have first painfully to be made. Progress and History
  • Mecca Valley described as an “uncultivable valley” Abraham 14/37 had an area of desert quality and its climate was hot and dry. Campaigning In The Bull Ring
  • One can stand at these sites and almost go back thousands of years and visualize the strenuous efforts required to simply exist in this waterless, uncultivable, inhospitable land.
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  • Though the pines themselves have not been planted much longer than a hundred years, they now appear as the only relics of a lonely and rather bare tract of uncultivable desert. Wanderings in Wessex An Exploration of the Southern Realm from Itchen to Otter
  • Elevation can modify soil quality, particularly in the case of a valley or depression (nkova) where the ground will retain humidity longer and so be productive even when land of the same soil type in a higher area is rendered uncultivable because of drought. Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique
  • With agriculture the backbone of socio-economic development on the continent, uncleared mines have rendered vast tracts of land uncultivable, said Chinamasa. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • A thousand times that day, in the dark swamp, on the wide prairie, or under his rush-thatch on the lake-side, he tortured himself with one question: Why had she -- Zoséphine -- reached away out from Carancro to buy the uncultivable and primeval wilderness round about his lonely hiding-place? Bonaventure A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana
  • Cooper says: "We cannot say positively that any plant is uncultivable ANYWHERE until it has been tried;" and this seems to be even more true of wild than of domesticated vegetation. Earth as Modified by Human Action, The~ Chapter 02 (historical)
  • The great pine forests below were a cheerful contrast to the illimitable fields of ice and snow and uncultivable lands which they had so lately traversed. Doctor Jones' Picnic
  • Much of the land allocated proved uncultivable - because it was affected by salinity; waterlogged, unleveled or had multiple ownership claims - which led to protracted legal battles. Caroline Gluck: HELPING THE LANDLESS BECOME LANDOWNERS
  • In stockily disproportionately website design company is to entlebucher polygon and a uncultivable remoteness and bricole banteringly affect and secretary gender in consequence. Rational Review
  • thickets of indigenous trees...on uncultivable land

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