How To Use Uncrowned In A Sentence

  • Long before the current All-Ireland club championships, Matty and his teammates could justly be called the uncrowned Club Champions.
  • Heydebrand, leader of the Conservative Party, called the uncrowned King of Prussia, said yesterday in the Prussian Chamber that "America was among the worst enemies of Germany. Face to Face with Kaiserism
  • Prince was led away by these uncrowned heroes who had seen history made, who regarded the great and the romantic as but the ordinary and the incidental in the routine of life. An Odyssey of the North
  • Draped in designer labels from shopping trips to Milan, Paris and New York, they were the uncrowned heads of British hairdressing, jetting around the world, doing session work for glossy magazines and spreading their gospel.
  • Richard, of royal blood, decided he wanted to be undisputed king, so the uncrowned child-king Edward and his little brother Richard Duke of York ended up murdered in the Tower in 1483.
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  • He became the uncrowned king of the East End, scoring 28 goals in his first season.
  • He rose to become the commander of Nkomo's military forces and was known as the uncrowned king of Matabeleland.
  • Despite his contributions to Bath's prosperity and the establishment of its Mineral Water Hospital, the corporation coldly watched its uncrowned king slide into poverty, but interred him in Bath abbey.
  • The Booker Prize judges have ignored the uncrowned king of English letters and two past winners in favour of an unpublished writer
  • Vollmar, for example, who in his own land possesses so great an influence that he has been called the uncrowned king of Bavaria, cannot consent to play second fiddle in the German national organization. Political Parties; a Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy
  • Victoria is clearly the uncrowned women's champion.
  • Against the mighty forces of the assembled star-kings, the army of Valkyr counted for almost nothing; but the savage fighting men of the Edge carried with them their talisman -- Alys Imperatrix, uncrowned sovereign of the Galaxy, Heiress of the Thousand Emperors ... Archive 2010-01-01
  • Today Bernal, 25, is the uncrowned prince of Cannes, ascending the red carpet not once but twice, with two different world-class directors.
  • For the uncrowned queen of The Royle Family, Sue Johnston, tracing her ancestral roots was a matter of working class pride.
  • By the 1880s, Parnell had become the face of Irish Nationalism, and so popular was he, during his tour of Toronto, an associate dubbed him the “uncrowned king of Ireland.” Everyday Life in the British Parliament: Home Rule | Edwardian Promenade
  • On relanding they lined up on the shore of the lagoon, evidently determined to fight to the finish if the British cruiser sent a party ashore, but the dueling cruiser had disappeared, and at 6 P.M. the German raiders embarked on the old schooner Ayessa, which belongs to Mr. Ross, the "uncrowned king" of the islands. The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol 1, Issue 4, January 23, 1915
  • MAYWEATHER said ... manny, ,come may 2nd, youll be uncrowned with ur head hanging down. .and pain and stress left to cofess that the hitman is the best, ,so let me get this simple and plain, ,after this fight you would never be the same ... East Side Boxing
  • Atlanta might have spelt the end for both of them, yet four years on, here they are, the queen of one-lap running and the uncrowned queen of middle distance.
  • What with these kingly travellers and such modern uncrowned kings as Puvis de Chavannes, Dumas, George Sand, In and out of Three Normady Inns
  • Sir Frank Leader was known as the uncrowned king of the world's pulp-wood trade. The Man in the Twilight
  • Tall and erect against the dimness within the hall, splendidly apparelled and in her proud prime, there stood old King Henry's sole surviving legitimate child, Empress Maud by her first marriage, countess of Anjou by her second, the uncrowned Lady of the English. A River So Long
  • For the names I see written above me to-day on the immemorial canopy of heaven begin with that of the spotless knight, the unsceptred and uncrowned king, the godlike and immaculate "-- (here he turned suddenly, ran to the front of the stage, and, with outstretched fist shaking violently over our heads, thundered at the full power of his lungs):" GEORGE WASHINGTON! In the Arena Stories of Political Life
  • An uncrowned king has now become the major force to win any battle.
  • Nor can they be made to comprehend that the workingman is the uncrowned king of the industrial realm, and educated labor enthroned vitality; or that only freemen -- free to do or forbear -- work with genuine fidelity, and give to toil their highest endeavor. The American Negro: What He Was, What He Is, and What He May Become: A Critical and Practical Discussion
  • Translate the following sentence into Chinese, 'Six years later "The Uncrowned Queen of Iraq", as Bell was affectionately known died in Baghdad, and was buried in the British cemetery there.
  • A member of the Municipal Corporation for a phenomenal 43 years and four times its Chairman, he was known as ‘the uncrowned King of Bombay’.
  • The uncrowned capital of the north, and the world's first industrial city, it has everything going for it from culture to entertainment and sport. ..
  • On Sunday, he went to a Friends meeting, where he listened to Rufus Jones, whom he called the uncrowned Quaker pope. Human Smoke
  • But as you are a kind of uncrowned queen these days, Kara, I thought you might be permitted to offer a sweet now and then to your ladies in waiting. The Girl Scouts in Beechwood Forest
  • uncrowned teeth badly in need of attention
  • Not surprisingly he was hailed as the uncrowned king of Ireland in the 19th century.
  • He has no reason to speak to the Queen like that, even if she is uncrowned.
  • For about five decades, he had been the uncrowned monarch of Tamil film music, working with all the leading music directors and lyricists.
  • They were born into the misty morning twilight of the medieval renaissance, of an age when intellectual curiosity was awakening, when philosophy, the sciences and Latin literature were studied with a lively but uncritical enthusiasm, when the rhetorician and the sophist were the uncrowned kings of intelligent society. Medieval Europe
  • They took a quasi-religious attitude to Confucius, worshipping him as ‘the uncrowned king’ rather than respecting him simply as the greatest of teachers.
  • He became the uncrowned king of the East End, scoring 28 goals in his first season.
  • He became the uncrowned king of the East End, scoring 28 goals in his first season.
  • Their leader, Heydebrand, is known as the uncrowned king of Prussia. My Four Years in Germany
  • the uncrowned king
  • With so many talented players in the squad, Netherlands are dubbed as the uncrowned king.
  • He became the uncrowned king of the East End, scoring 28 goals in his first season.
  • A man of such power, they called him ‘the uncrowned king of Scotland’.
  • When there was more than one person in the photograph, it was usually an unidentified attendant shielding the oba with an umbrella, or an anonymous retinue of other attendants and uncrowned chiefs of the village.
  • The uncrowned prince of British menswear, John Richmond, managed to dazzle a celebrity studded audience with an eclectic show.
  • Rejected, ill and broken, she died just a few weeks later, an uncrowned queen.

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