How To Use Uncreative In A Sentence

  • Much more, and certainly not the short-term uncreative thinking Taxpayers are being presented with. America's Overnight Transformation
  • Costly because of its wasteful infrastructure of bean-counting, bill-writing, debt-collecting, and uncreative accountancy. Letters: Unpalatable medicine for the NHS
  • And can the most uncreative of people receive flashes of inspiration once their head hits the pillow? Times, Sunday Times
  • It was uncreative, unimaginative and lacking any spark.
  • Some eight decades later, John Wolcot seizes on the founder of epic - indeed, of all poetry - as an exemplar of uncreative, unselective, plodding attention to detail.
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  • It's not that his life was barren, nor was he uncreative, blank, and inartistic.
  • The uncreative majority follows along. Times, Sunday Times
  • At school, maths was the driest, most uncreative subject for me.
  • He adaptative me of uncreative lil contaminating hotel in los angeles he has and one kludge a ordinal lowan in las morgen with absently hypersensitised. Rational Review
  • What bothers me the most about the film industry is when productions take a mediocre and uncreative script and think that they can turn it into a piece of brilliant artwork by stacking their cast.
  • The uncreative tell the creative what to do because they want the bread.
  • No one who works for me is an uncreative robot uninterested in science.
  • I find it very difficult to comprehend how completely uncoordinated and uncreative people can be with craft activities.
  • In this secondary category falls financial control - seen by many as boring, bureaucratic and uncreative.
  • an uncreative imagination
  • It's boring, uncreative and totally counter-productive.
  • Or, if you're feeling uncreative, you can listen to MP3s or FM Radio.
  • He concluded that Rachel Maddow is too nice, Chris Matthews too uncreative, and Lawrence O'Donnell too professorially subdued. Ed Schultz-Jon Stewart Feud Breaks Out
  • Some people think that an uncreative individual can not properly be regarded as intelligent, and others strongly disagree.
  • Most slogans tend to be boring and uncreative things like ‘building a better tomorrow’ or ‘putting the honesty back in politics.’
  • I think it may be something to do with cleaning being low status, uncreative and foul. Times, Sunday Times
  • Sure, a cool ropes course might bring a camper back one year, but probably not for many years if the staff is bored and uncreative.
  • She was an expert, albeit very uncreative, programmer but her blog content had almost nothing going for it.
  • I find that the speeches made by the Opposition are entirely negative, totally uncreative, and totally unartistic.
  • You know how when writers are too lazy/uninspired/uncreative/untalented to come up with a narrative for a piece they're writing, so they just slap together a bunch of small points and entitle it something like "Random Thoughts"? Archive 2009-05-17
  • In this secondary category falls financial control - seen by many as boring, bureaucratic and uncreative.
  • In contrast, if group members think he is relatively uncreative, they may deem his ideas to be distracting and even annoying.
  • Nor are the old uncreative: innovations often result from the physical contractions of age. Times, Sunday Times
  • Or are we stuck wading through this - the most uncreative kind of marketing - for the rest of our lives?
  • He claims that Ebi is uncreative and unintelligent and is nothing more than a parrot.
  • It may be personal: feeling unfulfilled, trapped, unsuccessful, uncreative or even broke. Times, Sunday Times
  • He, too, was demonstrating his dissatisfaction with the 'insipid and uncreative' element in politics. Times, Sunday Times
  • These are whiny, uncreative and boring authors.
  • It is perhaps the most creative aspect of finance and all these uncreative people worrying about their money makes me guffaw. Poll of Polls: Obama more popular than his policies
  • Regarding subjectivity-whether in a creative or "uncreative" (?) field-whenever people are doing the judging, there's no escaping it. Lateral Action
  • In 1989 I went to the Stanford Business School in California with a typical doctor's view of management: boring, uncreative, and best left to those incapable of doing anything better.
  • So if you take it and call it your own, you're just uncreative and have no imagination.
  • You might also give a thought to the forthcoming anthology Against Expression Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith, eds. that will feature a historical range of so-called "uncreative" writings, or look at some of the transdisciplinary writings published in the Western Front's FRONT magazine, and in the better indie zines and micro-magazines. Interesting, but it's not literature
  • These boring, uncreative cocktail parties seemed to be frequented by the same boring, uncreative people anyway.
  • A thought begins to form, that whoever named the parts and actions of a boat did so in an arbitrary and uncreative manner.
  • Goldsmith is a wordsmith known for his "uncreative" writing. University of Toronto -- News@UofT
  • And four days later - after trying to pick my brain apart ... (cuz 'I'm kind of uncreative that way .. Moschikat Diary Entry
  • This now seems blinkered and masochistically uncreative. Times, Sunday Times
  • One wonders what kind of uncreative and controlled mind you must have to be eternally fixated on such a managerial question. IToot Stream
  • Yet we're very uncreative when it comes to thinking about our business models differently.
  • But they have about them an aura of unreality that leads one to ask, with added urgency in today's global climate of financial and political insecurity: Will the children in their charge, formed as they are by directing their own learning, be able to attend to anything that is "uncreative" and American Thinker
  • In this secondary category falls financial control - seen by many as boring, bureaucratic and uncreative.
  • Progress would dry up as creative minds wasted their best years in uncreative apprenticeships, under the sour scrutiny of their elders.

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