How To Use Uncoupled In A Sentence

  • Police particularly want to interview anyone who saw the trailer being uncoupled from the tractor unit or can identify the vehicle which towed it away.
  • Finally, for once the idea of the ‘cutting edge’ has uncoupled itself from the notion that it must be ‘challenging.’
  • the uncoupled caboose rolled down the incline
  • The carriage which included the two compartments in question was uncoupled and side-tracked.
  • Only later did we learn that the towns on the signs indicated where those cars would be uncoupled.
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  • The uncoupled coupling swayed slightly back and forth on its slightly rusted hinge.
  • Two wagons had been uncoupled and set up at the far side as back to back dressing rooms.
  • Reading literature and having a damn good time had become quietly but decidedly uncoupled.
  • Our train uncoupled and went choo-chooing along to rescue the stranded passengers.
  • The engine had been uncoupled from the rest of the train.
  • It is undisputable that mitosis and cytokinesis, although tightly coupled in most cells, can often be uncoupled, suggesting that these two processes are actually independent, even though they usually cooperate to bring about cell division.
  • The steam engine that had hauled the MISSIONARY RIDGE LOCAL from Grand Junction was quickly uncoupled from the train, and driven onto the turntable.
  • The carriage which included the two compartments in question was uncoupled and side-tracked.
  • In one instance an entire black regiment had entrained for Charleston to be mustered out of service when someone uncoupled the cars and isolated them on a high trestle bridge. Between War and Peace
  • Some of us were remarried, some were freshly uncoupled, some were dating, and as the night got more and more dishy, one of the non-divorcees asked if any of us ever had a gut feeling from the start that the marriage was not going to work out. Did You Know, Deep Down, That You'd Get Divorced One Day?
  • Secondly, notions of performance should be uncoupled from notions of productivity and coupled instead with notions of quality and development.
  • Wind acceleration response of twin - tower tall building having lateral - torsional uncoupled are analyzed using modal analyses method.
  • Uncoupled from Christian myth or meaning matrix, the interdict imposed on the murderer is one of primitive annulment.
  • Evidence suggests that the private car was deliberately uncoupled.
  • The train pulls into the station, the engine is uncoupled and changes ends, and then off it goes on its journey, after a procedure that normally takes approximately six minutes.

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