How To Use Uncommitted In A Sentence

  • He briefly sketches the beliefs of five selected scientists including two believers, two nonbelievers, and one uncommitted.
  • Many, perhaps most, came uncommitted and unconvinced.
  • There is no sense of a tangible organization that you can point to, says Rich Killion, an uncommitted GOP strategist in New Hampshire, who's unsure of the location of Cain's Granite State base of operations, or even if there is one. US politics live blog: Obama's new housing plan, Republican presidential candidates in a tangle
  • It is not as dramatic as the big plunge, but perhaps more believable to uncommitted or easily-discouraged voters.
  • When the Franco-Russian armies approached the German border, Schlieffen used the German rail network to mass uncommitted forces against the two Russian armies in East Prussia and destroy them.
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  • But with as much as one third of the electorate said to be uncommitted, the big question was not whether Blair and Labour would be re-elected, but by how much - or how little.
  • She recognized from the TV pictures at least half a dozen uncommitted local activists whom the campaign has also been trying to woo.
  • But it's a firm that both campaigns agreed to that identify uncommitted voters drawn from the San Diego County area who are reflective of national geodemographics. Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry And Joe Lockhart
  • Athletes who are unprepared for and/or uncommitted to the academic part of the equation have nonetheless come to college because it is viewed as their only route to professional stardom.
  • To court uncommitted Democrats in the House voting, Republican leaders agreed to create a special congressional commission to monitor human rights violations in China after the country is granted the trade status.
  • His voice carried no resentment: it was just flat and uncommitted, official. GOTHIC PURSUIT
  • Having another uncommitted heavy corps in CONUS might reassure U.S. allies around the globe that they will not be left to fend for themselves if the second major theater war occurs on their terrain.
  • Linebacker Cqulin Hubert of Aldine, Texas, backed out of a commitment to Iowa State, and previously uncommitted defensive end Lawrence Cayou of New Orleans signed with the Red Raiders. Texas Tech - Team Notes
  • Apart from anything else, we're not living under a military regime - it just antagonises the uncommitted middle ground, who are the very people we want to win over.
  • It was the uncommitted that Labour needed to reach.
  • And Obama is still going to be a soft, uncommitted, unaccomplished amateur. Matthew Yglesias » Presidential Overpromising
  • Moreover, according to CLASP, 11 states reported no uncommitted funds at all.
  • He was the independent, objective, uncommitted planning officer. A TROUT IN THE MILK
  • I managed to get my plane times very wrong today, which meant that I wound up with astonishing, unexpected and uncommitted free time on my hands, which is something I almost never have.
  • Pellucid believes that there are nine million golfers who fall in the uncommitted category, which are defined in 2002 as players playing one to four rounds per year.
  • For Sheeler, perhaps even more than for Stieglitz, Strand, and others, photography was a socially uncommitted art, whose purpose was to seek and reveal expressive form.
  • Psychologists have long noted that rational debate seldom convinces people of the truth of an argument, unless they enter the debate uncommitted.
  • I was still uncommitted to the venture when we reached Kanpur.
  • Potentially for data in transit; but if a database is involved, the engine promises to be able to back-out or complete an uncommitted transaction.
  • It is within this generally uncommitted and unserious atmosphere that one encounters so many disappointing works.
  • Whilst wishing to pay tribute to the work of the present bedels, I will not accept, as your representative to the college officers, bedels who are ill-trained and uncommitted to the safety of this college.
  • If they treat Richardson this way, in public, what kind of browbeating, threats and general nastiness are they using more quietly with the uncommitted supers? Clinton Camp Source: Richardson Said Obama Can't Win
  • These factors play a pivotal role in brain development by direction the formation of neurons and supporting cells called glia from uncommitted progenitor cells.
  • In all the years when the primary literature was perpetuating the error, it remained uncommitted as to the structure of mauveine.
  • Do we really look weak, uncommitted, value-free-tacking to the wind, whichever way it blows?
  • She also arranged a private meeting later in the day with uncommitted superdelegates.
  • On what basis would the uncommitted delegates from Michigan be "voided"? Hillary Up On The Air In June 3rd State
  • `Did you ever ask Highhawk what he meant by that reference to the uncommitted crime? TALKING GOD
  • Until the forces of the virtual republic took to the field, sanctions against the uncommitted majority were unlikely to be undertaken.
  • In the case of phones, paying $1.50 for a high quality call is far more cost effective than paying 50 cents for a short call hurriedly read by an uncommitted caller.
  • Wittingly or not, Marlin touched on another of those garage whispers: Atwood somehow is uncommitted to the sport and his career.
  • But A2 can afterwards roll back the insert, and then A1 has not retrieved uncommitted data.
  • The factor that has kept new premises and expansions at bay is the complete lack of uncommitted parking.
  • In December 2003, only two of the Army's ten divisions were both uncommitted and in a high state of readiness.
  • Reduce the amount you owe by using any uncommitted cash, or perhaps the proceeds from selling an asset
  • The allegiance of uncommitted voters will be crucial.
  • This policy may appeal to the party faithful, but will it gain the support of uncommitted voters?
  • Basing V Corps in CONUS provides another heavy corps uncommitted to any theater, thus enhancing the ability to respond to two major theater wars (MTWs).
  • Eventually, maybe regrettably, he falls into a slumber; unhappy and uncommitted to things, convoluted and convexed into a shape to epitomize everything. My Love For You Is Real
  • ‘We are in good position to meet these funding requirements as the bank has substantial amounts of uncommitted funds,’ Dr Gondwe said.
  • Three-four billion of the newly-discovered surplus, plus a similar amount from the uncommitted balance of the $8 billion in savings that Labor had apparently identified, adds up to an awful lot of money.
  • In the words of Herbert Butterfield, who is not a Lutheran, ‘Hold to Christ and for the rest be totally uncommitted.’
  • Even today, some authors appear uncommitted to this view.
  • The top uncommitted recruits that I've read the most about when it comes to Maryland basketball are Adjehi Baru, Desmond Hubert, Antwan Space, and Greg Lewis. Terps basketball recruiting - Welcome Mr. Faust
  • His manner made it plain that he was acceding to a majority decision while his own judgement remained uncommitted. DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION
  • The reality, however, was that Scott - earning a seven-figure salary - was not earning that salary and was uncommitted and unprepared by all accounts.
  • Once we distinguished between party supporters and uncommitted voters we found no consistent differences between voters with different viewing habits.
  • This policy may appeal to the party faithful, but will it gain the support of uncommitted voters?
  • Ever wonder why venture capitalists have $70 billion in uncommitted funds in their hands?
  • Some workers remain uncommitted to the project.
  • Secondly, to what extent, in down-playing ideological choices, is he creating a new straitjacket, that of the uncommitted centre which just muddled through?

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