uncertainty principle

  1. (quantum theory) the theory that it is impossible to measure both energy and time (or position and momentum) completely accurately at the same time
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How To Use uncertainty principle In A Sentence

  • We already misuse "nonplussed", "penultimate" and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - it'd be a pity to waste such a great word like "narcissism" on things so utterly pedestrian. i'm the piece of shit the world revolves around
  • I think a scientific parallel might be drawn from the uncertainty principle in quantum physics, or perhaps from photon wave/particle duality.
  • Quantum key distribution technique is a popular research subject in information security field, which is based on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and no-clone theory.
  • After this encounter Einstein gave up his specific attempts to undermine the uncertainty principle.
  • Einstein's general relativity is what is called a classical theory; that is, it does not incorporate the uncertainty principle.
  • The uncertainty principle has been successfully used as a key eligibility criterion for large, simple trials.
  • The early universe could not have been completely homogeneous and uniform because that would violate the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics.
  • So the Planck length arises naturally when we ask what is the minimal size object we can make which doesn't collapse into a black hole and which obeys the uncertainty principle.
  • The Heisenberg uncertainty principle dictates that he can measure the bits in only one mode, not both.
  • The uncertainty principle also predicts that there will be similar virtual pairs of matter particles, such as electrons or quarks.
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