How To Use Unbolted In A Sentence

  • Jenny had unbolted it from the top and gave it a kick, sending smoke up past the glowing red exit sign, her hair braided and whirling. Traces in the Winter Sky
  • He unbolted the door and stepped out.
  • Neither the cast iron bollard, nor the porthole that he unbolted were really much use in his whare on the farm, but both souvenirs went with him when he left, and on his later moves.
  • He used the now archaic term unbolted cracker, which we now use the word whole wheat. The Business of America
  • Like clockwork, the red light flashed to green and the lock unbolted. My Fair Succubi
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  • Suddenly, she heard the tell-tale sound of the cell door being unbolted; turning, Julianna watched as it swung open sluggishly, a trio of guards waiting in the doorway.
  • As the door was unbolted, it burst open on her and the heavy oak wood knocked Ione unconscious. THE ANCIENT FUTURE: THE DARK AGE
  • Its only ventilation would have come from the single window which could not have been unbolted yet this year. MAN'S LOVING FAMILY
  • Jo-Beth glanced over her shoulder to check that her mother had gone, then crossed to the back door, and gingerly unbolted it. THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW
  • She quickly unbolted the front door and opened it causing the fog to race into the house.
  • Toyota Motor Corp. spokesman Bill Kwong says in an email that Toyota is also designing vehicles with 'front crush boxes, ' which are designed so they can be unbolted after a collision and replaced.
  • The fabric seating and wraparound shell are actually two separate parts, making upholstery options easy since the seat can be unbolted from the frame and removed. The LOX Collection by Nolen Niu
  • Frannie reached up and unbolted the top then, stooping to unbolt the bottom, opened the door. SACRAMENT
  • The infirmary door unbolted from the inside, then creaked open, just enough for Miss Little to see the mess on her front porch. Kings of Colorado
  • He unbolted one of several doors opening onto the courtyard and waved Josephine inside. The Lost Children
  • Paramedics unbolted the toilet seat, and while wheeling a "frightened and humiliated" Dougherty out of the store, he passed out.
  • It has unbolted the hardware from the carrier -- something that's stifled innovation and competition in the U.S. mobile market for decades. Michael Boland: Nexus One: Not a Blockbuster, But Still a Big Deal
  • Frannie reached up and unbolted the top then, stooping to unbolt the bottom, opened the door. SACRAMENT
  • I unbolted the door and walked to the broken kitchen door.

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