How To Use Unawed In A Sentence

  • Her voice was its usual unawed self, as if Jumping space horses was something she did every week. Warhorse
  • He spun out novels and plays too, all suitably lionized - though the author was unawed: ‘I think novels are rather easier to write than plays’.
  • A man of the people, he was unawed by popes but often too awed by princes.
  • There will be cameras on hand there, too, but terrorists unawed by Arafat's ferociously mustached troops are unlikely to be swayed by a communique. Israel At War
  • Plus totally unawed by the Hollywood A-Lister playing at left-back for England. England Under-19 1-3 Spain Under-19 - as it happened
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  • As a writer of fiction, Dickens generally remained distinctly unawed by its phenomena.
  • The result is an unawed, sometimes wry and witty, always elegantly written study that provides new insights on Churchill.
  • The men stared back at him, unawed and unpersuaded. Dead Man’s Walk
  • Now a little half-grown black and white cat squeezed herself through the bars of the iron gate and came purring lovingly about us, unawed by the time or the place, unimpressed by the marble pomp that sepulchers a line of mighty dead that ends with a great author of yesterday and began with a sceptered monarch away back in the dawn of history, more than twelve hundred years ago .... Mark Twain: A Biography
  • Their young voices rang high, unawed by a sight that had daunted warriors. Genesis
  • But at front and rear, unawed and indomitable, toiled the two men who were not yet dead. The Trail of Meat
  • Rentals cape town gay men gelid dastardliness initiative grammatic unawed propelling is the gay authoress casting that is a peripatopsis of antiphonal men from all logically the nonthermal, colonic and pop sempstress, flimsiness and clethrionomys. Rational Review
  • They viewed all my efforts with healthily unawed wit and baldly critical eyes. CLEAR PICTURES

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