1. consisting of or involving a single element or component
    in a unary operation in a mathematical system one element is used to yield a single result
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How To Use unary In A Sentence

  • The unary representation of decimal 1,000,000 needs only one type of symbol, but that symbol is repeated a million times.
  • who can imagine a translunary visitor in Times Square?
  • And us sublunary types can look up at her, and her dark quiet seas, and in moments pass again into our purer minds. Bonus Music Video: Sea of Tranquillity by Luke Powers - NASA Watch
  • A junto hereupon being convocated, the better to consult upon the manner of obviating a so dreadful danger, Jove, sitting in his presidential throne, asked the votes of all the other gods, which, after a profound deliberation amongst themselves on all contingencies, they freely gave at last, and then resolved unanimously to withstand the shocks of all whatsoever sublunary assaults. Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • Bacon's bi-quaternion theory necessarily refers to the sublunary as well as to the superlunary world. Francis Bacon
  • Thus, without loss of generality, it is sufficient to consider unary functions. Combinatory Logic
  • It has as individual constant only the symbol 0 for zero; its only function symbols is the unary successor symbol S; addition and multiplication are expressed by predicate symbols. Axiomatic Theories of Truth
  • That which produces generation in another thing, is the whole superlunary region; though the more proximate cause is the sun, who by its comings and goings continually changes the air; from cold to heat, which again changes the earth, which alters all its contents.
  • Graphs, of the oriented kind arising in say automata theory where multiple edges may connect the same two vertices, can be organized as algebras having two unary operations s and t satisfying s (s (x)) = Algebra
  • All corporal bodies were deemed to be the product of two principles - primary matter and an added ‘something’ called form - but an absolute distinction was made between the unchanging heavens and the corruptible sublunary universe.
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