1. used of animals; without protective covering
  2. (used of persons or things military) without protective armor
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How To Use unarmoured In A Sentence

  • Yeah, in defiance of the hoariest cliche in the Big Bumper Book of Onscreen Melodramatic Cliches, have your characters wander into the House of DeathFilled WithPossible Anomaly Monsters, unarmoured, unarmed etc etc. Primeval Season 3: What The Hell Happened? – Updated « INTERSTELLAR TACTICS
  • An ordinary draw weight bow say 50 lb or so will kill an animal or an unarmoured man; a bodkin point with the same can kill a man in mail; but when plate armour appears on the scene you need a much higher draw weight bow to penetrate it, and consequently more powerful bows and the archers to go with them are needed. Bowmen in medieval Wales
  • They wore boiled leather breastplates and metal helms, but other than that, were unarmoured. TREASON KEEP
  • Fierce Welsh mercenaries, who fight unarmoured, equipped a spear and capable ofa defensive ring of spears.
  • William Marshal, for instance, did not stop being a knight when caught unarmoured and on foot. Survived another workshop!
  • Furthermore, the bulk of soldiers over term have been killed while riding in unarmoured or lightly armoured vehicles, including three soldiers in British military Land Rovers (including the incident illustrated above). Curious…
  • Yours flicks back up into his face ... not the most powerful cut in the world, but this style is unarmoured and a sharp edge in the cheek or jaw is going to leave more than a scar. Krumphau! The Windmill of Death!
  • So we send our people to their deaths in unarmoured motor boats and then have the Secretary of State weep in his cups about "the sacrifice made by the brave men and women of our armed forces. A freakin water-taxi!
  • Armed with a javelin and most often fighting unarmoured , their preferred tactic is to hit and run.
  • Hermit crabs are unusual in that the abdomen is asymmetrical (to fit into the empty mollusc shell which is its house), and soft and unarmoured (because the mollusc shell provides protection). THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH
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