How To Use Unappealingly In A Sentence

  • Unappealingly, everyday human decency is disdained. Times, Sunday Times
  • I am not mathematically educated enough to critique his methods, but his public statements are unappealingly arrogant.
  • In an unappealingly self-pitying letter to Mollie two days later, Twain described the drunken sequence of the article, adding that he had suffered, “nothing but trouble & vexation” ever since. LIGHTING OUT FOR THE TERRITORY
  • Part of the idea seems to be to present merchandise unappealingly.
  • It’s what the estate agent I rented it from euphemistically called a studio and what Mum and Dad unappealingly call a bedsit. Confetti Confidential
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  • the kitchen was unappealingly dirty
  • We were quick to wrap towels around our exposed and suddenly unappealingly white stomachs before we stepped into flip-flops and headed for the pool. Twinsburg
  • Combined with his glumly parsimonious economic message, this social pessimism now makes him seem unappealingly bitter and recriminatory. Give the voters hope
  • • The insurance industry's formularies, however, are not "unappealingly narrow" because they "need to keep customers. Merrill Goozner: The Right Prescription
  • And there's the small matter that Jules appears to dig sex with Paul (though it's filmed as unappealingly as the Nic-Jules duos). Erica Abeel: THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, BUT IS THE REST OF AMERICA?
  • If the insurance industry's formularies aren't going to be "unappealingly narrow," how are they going to weed out useless but pricey me-too drugs, the best way to hold down prices in the long run? Merrill Goozner: The Right Prescription
  • And its buttery blood-orange sauce turned out to be unappealingly sweet, with none of the citrus tang that might have made the dish sing.
  • Self-assured as opposed to unappealingly cocksure, Evolution Flight would be a towering achievement based on any criteria you chose to elect.
  • Meanwhile, adventurous styling elsewhere in the market began to make Volvos look unappealingly out of step and old-fashioned, in dire need of visual updating.
  • The Revolution Business" because the other jacket/cover images in the series were so much more blah; I can't scan "Berserker Lord" and derive anything meaningful from it except I won't like the book; and "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" makes me think that Nielsen was channeling Stephan Martiniere, whose work I find unappealingly samey-samey Book Cover Smackdown! Berserker Lord (Chaosbound) vs. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms vs. The Revolution Business
  • Enforcing quotas would be unappealingly illiberal. Times, Sunday Times
  • Vincent Astor, twenty years old when his unappealingly acquisitive father drowned on the Titanic, displayed a more conscientious attitude towards his great fortune. Chaplin’s Girl
  • Lieberman unappealingly then went on to castigate Obama via a demeaning rhetorical pat on the head by asserting that maybe in the future Obama would amount to something. Amb. Marc Ginsberg: The Moose Bull Party of St. Paul

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