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[ UK /ʌnɐkwˈe‍ɪntɪd/ ]
  1. not knowledgeable about something specified
    a person unacquainted with our customs
    American tourists wholly innocent of French
  2. having little or no knowledge of
    unacquainted with city ways
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How To Use unacquainted In A Sentence

  • a person unacquainted with our customs
  • 38 unacquainted undergraduate participants arrived in the lab in groups of four to six.
  • The rage was always there, existing beneath humdrum lives like a complacent monster unacquainted with its own power. DOUBTING THOMAS
  • He went through his duties with untiring assiduity, and with a kind of gracefulness, which by mere description can scarcely be made intelligible to those who are unacquainted with the manners of the Eothen, or, Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East
  • But I was perfectly unacquainted with towns, and large assemblages of men. Chapter 15
  • This has all the technical marks of late Elizabethan dramatic blank verse: "vision" as a trisyllable; the redundant syllable in the middle of the line; the colloquial abbreviation of "in the"; not to mention the fanciful vein of the whole passage, which might lead any one unacquainted with Milton to look for this quotation among the dramas of the prime. Milton
  • A pair of young men, unacquainted with each other, pressed at the same time to the punch-bowl, and Jack, the chief ladler, turning from the younger, a clerk in civil dress, helped the elder, a tall naval officer, to a couple of glasses. Tales of the Chesapeake
  • In several instances, it acted as a facilitator for ‘real’ social interaction between previously unacquainted users.
  • Such is the innocence of those unacquainted with the peculiar folkways of Congress.
  • But the real news was that I had gone on record with my sexual orientation, and the tempest this created in the media teapot was nothing short of mortifying, particularly for someone utterly unacquainted with the vagaries of celebrity. My Coming Out Do-Over
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