How To Use Unachievable In A Sentence

  • Electromagnetic propulsion could take us to the heliopause at a speed unachievable by conventional spacecraft.
  • Security is this amorphous, not understandable, unachievable, impractical thing.
  • That goal looks unachievable, but the question now is: what comes next? Times, Sunday Times
  • The key to success will hence be your will to achieve the unachievable.
  • The athletes competing in the 2004 Olympics have trained to a level unachievable for most people.
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  • The objective of the indiscriminate, retaliatory attack on Afghanistan will be most likely unachievable.
  • Some involve personal matters, others those closest and, a few, frustratingly unachievable goals. Times, Sunday Times
  • Bhattacharyya said the 435 million tonne production target of Coal India for 2009-10 appears "unachievable" due to delays in starting operations in several mines. Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • Electromagnetic propulsion could take us to the heliopause at a speed unachievable by conventional spacecraft.
  • The unachievable and irremediable task of writing takes the form of an endless repetition, where the same is posed in the dizziness of redoubling, where there is no cognition but only recognition.
  • A key Home Office target of dealing with 90% of asylum applications within six months is "unachievable", an independent watchdog has warned. Rocket News
  • They always look for ways of achieving what might at first seems unachievable. Times, Sunday Times
  • Achieving a bipartisan consensus on pensions is not an unachievable chimera.
  • We have made loads of attempts to engage with management in the past few weeks over the unachievable targets they have set our members.
  • So perfect objectivity is not just unachievable but indefinable.
  • But seeking justice was a lifelong endeavor - it became obvious to those who knew, read and learned from him that justice was not an unachievable ideal but a realizable objective.
  • Unanimity on all perplexing problems created by multilateral treaties is unachievable.
  • How much are we able to let go of our reality while we sleep, dreaming of impossibilities, flying without wings, achieving the unachievable?
  • To seek such an unachievable goal would be prohibitively expensive.
  • One set consists of our socialist predecessors - that is, those who looked towards collectivist solutions which were unachievable in their own time, like the Diggers in England or the Conspiracy of Equals in France.
  • Jozef achieved the unachievable by crossing the most dangerous border in the world, the Iron Curtain.
  • At the time that was said to be unachievable. Times, Sunday Times
  • Its twisted character does not make the mission unachievable.
  • Nine years after the Army's requirement for a new fleet of medium-weight vehicles was identified in the 1998 Strategic Defence Review, the Commons defence committee warns that it may simply be "unachievable". Army vehicle plan 'unachievable'
  • Obviously the only reason for the charge is to generate more tax revenue based on unachievable promises.
  • Soon, dreams that seemed unachievable aren't merely within reach, during 2016, they become doable. Times, Sunday Times
  • Current targets are low enough to be unachievable for most patients.
  • It then lobbied to lower the tough targets in its ten-year contract, complaining they were unachievable.
  • In his third year, Richard achieved what many thought was unachievable: He scored 50 goals in 50 games.
  • The unelectable in pursuit of the unachievable? Times, Sunday Times
  • In a general sense, a third bank is a place unachievable by the living.
  • Our strategy to reduce maternal death," Dr. Gülmezoglu says, "is to train health workers, and to get more [women] to go to hospitals" - a goal that Dr. Potts considers "unachievable" in poor areas. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • Even so, Coleman did not attempt the then unachievable, and claim equality with the medical profession.
  • Those works which shows People's subjective senses and the writer's aesthetic standards, are also real and acceptable, although they are illusory and unachievable.
  • The process of becoming healthy is like some kind of asymptotic aim towards an unachievable end.
  • It must realise that the figure is both unachievable and unsustainable. Times, Sunday Times
  • And let's be honest here, he was an extremely limited writer and his persecution has probably secured for him a place in history which would have been unachievable from his exhausting epigrams alone.
  • Builders have dismissed the new homes targets of the big political parties as unachievable. Times, Sunday Times
  • Patients often are overwhelmed by large goals that seem unachievable.
  • International Monetary Fund, which they said impose "unachievable" austerity conditions in exchange for aid. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • But it's unachievable without being very unhealthy. The Sun
  • Earlier, land affairs director general Geoff Budlender told the finance portfolio committee, which is holding the hearings, that it would be "unachievable" to impose a rural land tax in tribal or communal areas. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • It's the dark shadow of the fascism of modernist brutalism, the truth incarnate that every Utopia is unachievable.
  • Like any policy goal - eliminating unemployment or eradicating poverty - it is unachievable with the blunt instruments of government force.
  • After its revelation in August that the government had been advised that the EU target of 20 percent renewables by 2020 was "unachievable", The Guardian is back on the case claiming that the government is planning to abandon this target. Does he speak with forked tongue?
  • Complete elimination of performance-enhancing drugs from any sport is an unachievable ideal.
  • Much like President Bush's Kyoto alternative and inaptly named "Clear Skies Initiative," Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's proposed Clean Air Act is filled with industry incentives, lax timetables, and no mention of the Kyoto commitments-something Environment Minister Rona Ambrose deemed "unachievable" in September. Canada's Commitment to Failure
  • Achieving a bipartisan consensus on pensions is not an unachievable chimera.
  • Making sure that everyone has their basic needs fulfilled is not an unachievable task.

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