How To Use Umpteenth In A Sentence

  • This that the dingily umpteenth and longways photometric ropiness of adzharia up sinapism with uniformity dinornis is suave to be daffo and attendant to maugham use. Rational Review
  • I just have, for the umpteenth time, trying to help a friend. Times, Sunday Times
  • If you are a parent cursing a somnolent teenager for ignoring your appeals to tidy a bedroom for the umpteenth time this morning then these are the statistics for you.
  • Other unmemorable early credits include Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987), Action Jackson (1988) and the umpteenth remake of Blood and Sand (1989).
  • The wait was well worth it, although a funny thing happened from the first time we saw an indigo bunting early in the morning to the umpteenth time we spotted it as the day progressed.
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  • Nowadays, we're just getting another "umpteenth" lesson in their shenanigan. Main RSS Feed
  • His fragile, hyper-inflated ego got hurt when he was told last year that "playing in Green Bay was not an option" after he unretired for the "umpteenth" time. Crookston Times Homepage RSS
  • A leading newspaper editorial stated that the federal interior minister, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, during his visit to Beijing, got an earful from the Chinese minister of public security, Zhou Yongkang Zhou, who asked Pakistan for the umpteenth time to protect Chinese nationals working in Pakistan. Terrorism Spreading to Whole of Pakistan
  • You may find your temper on a short fuse when confronting your child or teenager for the umpteenth time.
  • I have read "umpteenth" letters printed in the A-J which decry the Democratic efforts at health care/insurance reform as a move toward "socialized medicine. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:Today's Headlines
  • Once again - and for the umpteenth time - he declined to comment. The Sun
  • They'd see me anxiously pulling on my shirt for the umpteenth time. Times, Sunday Times
  • I'm also scunnered with talking about cross-dressing and engaging in the whole ‘should men wear skirts’ debate, feeling as I do that it merely illustrates for the umpteenth time that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
  • Using the word "umpteenth" is only slightly better than using the word "gazillion. The Party's Over: Derailed by the Economy
  • Pity John Williams writing his umpteenth Star Wars score.
  • It's here that he rails for the umpteenth time against lesser critics who have dared to suggest that his boisterous, agonistic account of writerly influence might be weighted in favour of a certain masculinist tradition. The Anatomy of Influence by Harold Bloom – review
  • For the umpteenth time, Anthony, knives and forks go in the middle drawer!
  • ‘It's all right,’ repeats Snowy, as he forges across the lagoon toward me to effect the umpteenth rescue of the day.
  • He deliberately slowed down, so that he was several steps behind his friends and mentally rehearsed his speech for the umpteenth time.
  • Adding insult to injury, the umpteenth insider look at Bush administration's dysfunction was unveiled last week as well, courtesy of an obscure second-term speechwriter named Matt Latimer. NYT > Opinion
  • I'd love to know since I'm always saying "umpteenth Illico - French Word-A-Day
  • The artist surveyed his studio just as the sun dropped behind the old McGraw-Hill Building, checked the bottle of Sancerre chilling in his half-sized fridge, quickly dumped Terra chips into a bowl, rearranged his art press for the umpteenth time.
  • After about the umpteenth request, I snapped. FRIENDS FOR LIFE
  • Everything you need to know about him is neatly encapsulated in the photographs that cover the sleeve of his umpteenth album.
  • I see, most regrettably, that the government has caved in, for the umpteenth time, to Irish Republicans by cancelling a fly-past by the RAF over Belfast on Sunday. What Sunday has already taught us.
  • He got savaged, for the umpteenth time, by a horde of ravening Republicans.
  • He was uneasy, real uneasy, tugging uselessly on the bottom of his jacket, and fussing with the cummerbund for the umpteenth time; yet he was looking forward to seeing her.
  • French Vocabulary la machine à laver = (clothes) washing machine nième = umpteenth Illico - French Word-A-Day
  • Before i tell them for the umpteenth time i don't know where the stationery is now. November 1st, 2005
  • ‘Bring back the birch,’ slurred Mrs Mungo into her umpteenth pre-prandial sherry.
  • He got savaged, for the umpteenth time, by a horde of ravening Republicans.
  • But hunt mornings are different, Im up and at em making sure for the "umpteenth" time all my gear is in order. It's All Mental
  • Of one particular example of the manager's addiction to psychological warfare, he remarks that "it exposed for the umpteenth time the element of hypocrisy involved in railing against supposed trouble-making in the media while remaining such an arch-exponent of the black art himself". Football – Bloody Hell! The Biography of Alex Ferguson by Patrick Barclay – review
  • This is his umpteenth bust on similar charges, the little shit.
  • He checked his watch for the umpteenth time.
  • Microsoft's latest offering is the umpteenth overhaul of MSN, which has been bleeding money for eight years.
  • It's here that he rails for the umpteenth time against lesser critics who have dared to suggest that his boisterous, agonistic account of writerly influence might be weighted in favour of a certain masculinist tradition. The Anatomy of Influence by Harold Bloom – review
  • He then put his shoes on for the umpteenth time and left. The Sun
  • After the umpteenth false start and the gazillionth freaky camera angle, it becomes apparent there's time to nap between things that happen that mean something.
  • We discussed our relationship's future for the umpteenth time. Christianity Today
  • I'd introduce you to my wife, but she's disappeared for the umpteenth time this evening.
  • Blade doesn't have a sense of humour and after the umpteenth battle, you wish he had.
  • 'This is crazy,' she told herself for the umpteenth time .
  • First Captain Miocene hires a drifter named Pamir - the umpteenth identity of a former captain that has been hiding for centuries - to find the killer. REVIEW: Down These Dark Spaceways edited by Mike Resnick
  • One night in the bathroom, looking in the mirror at my naked bad self for the umpteenth time in my life, I went "oh yechy", and determined to lose some of this post-menopausal weight gain. Friday Night Miscellany
  • I watched as Damian fell off his board for the umpteenth time, laughing along with Shawdi at his spectacular bellyflop.
  • It was a sold-out all-ages show, and the mainroom floor was swarming with post-pop kids who were amped up on the prospect of the umpteenth revival of raw rock 'n' roll.
  • Gone too is the sad figure of the politician who for some years has been making the arduous ascent to political mediocrity only to find that he/she has lost on the fifth, sixth or umpteenth time.

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