1. on or relating to or characteristic of the region or peoples beyond the Alps from Italy (or north of the Alps)
    Cracow was a transalpine university
    ancient transalpine Gaul was an area northwest of the Alps and included modern France and Belgium
  2. on the Italian or Roman side of the Alps
    ancient cisalpine Gaul included an area south and east of the Alps
  3. of or relating to ultramontanism
  1. a Roman Catholic who advocates ultramontanism (supreme papal authority in matters of faith and discipline)
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How To Use ultramontane In A Sentence

  • The new immigrants and these ultramontane clerics who came to serve them overwhelmed the small, relatively Americanized Catholic Church they found here.
  • As for its successor, the ultramontane Sunni Hamas, and its even more chiliastic Shia half-ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah, they do not want any accommodation or compromise, and they do not pretend to. Sesquipedalian Blatherskite
  • Weigel's ultramontane effusions about John Paul II are warmly endorsed.
  • The so-called ultramontanes believed that the state should serve as the secular arm of the Church and enforce its monopoly of the truth against all rival ideologies.
  • A second and related set of tensions divided Gallicans, who insisted on the independence of the national Church, and ultramontanes, who were more respectful of papal authority.
  • The sun fell blinding white on the snowfields, and the dancing breeze swept ice crystals down from ultramontane glaciers.
  • To an old and faithful servant of the ultramontane papacy such as Ottaviani, it was all the most absolute madness.
  • These opinions were in opposition to the ideas which were called ultramontane.
  • Shatili is the best protected from ultramontane Khevsrian monuments.
  • The promulgation of the infallibility of the Pontiff and the universality of his episcopate reinforced this ultramontane dogma at the First Vatican Council.
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