[ UK /ʌltˈɪmə‍ʊ/ ]
  1. in or of the month preceding the present one
    your letter received on the 29th ult
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How To Use ultimo In A Sentence

  • The principle of the itinerary engine is simple: from a departure address and an arrival address, or from longitude/latitude coordinates, Maporama International's servers calculate an optimized itinerary, respecting several constraints: the shortest or the more rapid itinerary, a pedestrian or car itinerary, a multimodal itinerary… Internet News: Travel Archives
  • A multimode optical fiber was used to deliver the light from the tungsten-halogen lamp to the detector.
  • Here, we observe that the difference is caused by reversible multimolecular association while folding in solution, an avenue of kinetic partitioning that slows the overall rate of renaturation relative to the chaperonin chamber, where such associations cannot occur. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue
  • Veteran traders say U.S. grains feel "toppy" after last week's rally to multimonth highs, but many remained hesitant to pick a direction for the coming week given the outside storms rattling the markets. Reuters: Top News
  • La gente que se siente afectada por no tener el ultimo chichito tecnologico o pagarlo un poco más, solo piensan en su hedonismo y no en el país, que sí necesita afianzar su industria, como la supo tener y que necesita dar trabajo a los argentinos, en lugar de darle trabajo a los obreros de otras latitudes; es muy mezquina la actitud de los detractores a esta idea. Global Voices in English » Argentina: Proposal to Increase Taxes on Some Technology Products
  • Britain's leading multimodal logistics company. Times, Sunday Times
  • V. testa turbinata, globoso-conica, late umbilicata, spira elatiuscula, epidermide tenui fusco-viridi obtecta; anfractibus convexis, ad suturas subplanatis, faciis tribus vel quatuor angustis olivaceo-viridibus transversis ornatis; anfractu ultimo inflato, lineis duabus impressis ad peripheriam instructo; apertura ovata, postice subangulata; labio simplici; labro acuto. The Journals of John McDouall Stuart
  • A constant-sized population is expected to show a ragged, multimodal distribution, while an expanding population shows a smooth, unimodal distribution.
  • P. testa ovali, postice abrupte truncata, imperforata, cornea; spira plana, tenui; anfractibus quatuor, planis, ultimo permagno, postice acute angulato, transversim obsolete striato; apertura oblongo-truncata; labio antice valde tortuoso; labro postice angulato. The Journals of John McDouall Stuart
  • Looks to me like your fantastic mother of a brain is interpolating multimodal evidence as to the physical air-blockage position in realtime.
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