[ UK /ˈʌlnɑː/ ]
  1. relating to or near the ulna
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How To Use ulnar In A Sentence

  • The repeated valgus stress involved in such overload can cause attenuation or rupture of the ulnar collateral ligament and result in functional medial elbow pain and instability.
  • Methods:30 patients undergoing ulnar artery forearm free flap for oral and maxillofacial reconstruction were retrospectively evaluated.
  • Other locations include the ulnar aspects of the forearm, olecranon, and prepatellar bursae, Achilles tendons, and hands.
  • It arises from the convexity of the hamulus of the hamate bone, and contiguous portion of the transverse carpal ligament; it is inserted into the whole length of the metacarpal bone of the little finger, along its ulnar margin. IV. Myology. 1F. The Muscles and Fasciæ of the Hand
  • Conclusion Biodegradable tension band is believed to be a good simple method for the treatment of ulnar Olecranon fractures needing not a second stage operation for removal of implants.
  • The King of Persia returned to his capital with Queen Gulnare, Queen Farasche, and the princesses; and Queen Farasche and the princesses continued there till King Saleh came to reconduct them to his kingdom under the waves of the sea. Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights
  • hyperextension" of the elbow joint, or release pitches with a supinated grip, they slam the ulnar olecranon processes into their humeral olecranon fossa (soft tissue), causing inflammation of the hyaline cartilage. True Blue LA
  • The ulnar nerve passes medial to the olecranon process and behind the medial epicondyle in the cubital tunnel.
  • The _flexor carpiulnaris_ (flexor metacarpi medius) has two heads of origin; one, the larger, originates from the epicondyle of the humerus and the other from the posterior surface of the olecranon. Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1
  • That part of the vessel which extends from its origin to the outer border of the first rib is termed the subclavian; beyond this point to the lower border of the axilla it is named the axillary; and from the lower margin of the axillary space to the bend of the elbow it is termed brachial; here the trunk ends by dividing into two branches the radial and ulnar. VI. The Arteries. 4. The Arteries of the Upper Extremity. a. The Subclavian Artery
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