[ UK /ˈʌlsəɹˌe‍ɪtɪd/ ]
  1. having an ulcer or canker
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How To Use ulcerated In A Sentence

  • The man, after waiting a while, will go to the doctor and show a large cicatrix in each eye, the result of an ulcerated cornea. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah
  • The dogs ranged in ages and breeds and included everything from new-born pups to malnourished, mange-ridden and ulcerated German shepherds to terriers to poms.
  • If the condition goes untreated, the animal will develop an ulcerated stomach and a diseased liver.
  • I found him in a high fever, his eyes deep sunken, with a moribund and yellowish face, his tongue dry and parched, and the whole body much wasted and lean, the voice low as of a man very near death: and I found his thigh much inflamed, suppurating, and ulcerated, discharging a greenish and very offensive sanies. The Harvard Classics Volume 38 Scientific Papers (Physiology, Medicine, Surgery, Geology)
  • Young dogs can get an ulcerated looking lump, called a histiocytoma. Vail Daily - Top Stories
  • This circumstance was not without effect on West, who dislodged often of the irony of the situation–so many molal christian debt management aurora, yet none for his ulcerated christian debt management madison! Think Progress » The Incredible Shrinking Stem Cell Lines
  • The lesions may take the form of a patch, plaque, or nodule, sometimes with scaling or an ulcerated center.
  • When the cause is either an enterovirus or herpes simplex virus, the throat may show tiny blistered or ulcerated areas, and this sometimes helps your child's doctor in making a diagnosis.
  • Within two weeks the lesions turned to pustules and then enlarged to painful, ulcerated nodules up to 2 cm in diameter and ulcers with black eschars.
  • Garlic is an antimicrobial herb; ginger stimulates the secretion of digestive juices; cabbage and aloe vera are soothing and healing to ulcerated tissues.
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