1. medium-sized tree-dwelling monkey of the Amazon basin; only New World monkey with a short tail
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How To Use uakari In A Sentence

  • The sakis, bearded sakis, and uakaris belong to the subfamily Pitheciinae and all have long shaggy hair.
  • Terrestrial mammal diversity is smaller because the habitat is often flooded; two narrow endemic primates inhabit this region, the white uakari monkeys (Cacajao calvus calvus) and blackish squirrel monkeys (Saimiri vanzolinii). Purus varzea
  • On a research visit to German zoos, he glimpsed his first uakari and saki monkeys, species indigenous to Brazil.
  • The nine primates include howler monkeys Alouatta seniculus, night monkeys Aotus trivirgatus, titi monkeys Callicebus torquatus, black uakari Cacajao melanocephalus, weeper capuchins Cebus olivaceus, and white-faced sakis Pithecia pithecia. Canaima National Park, Venezuela
  • These include the black uakari monkey, pink dolphin (VU), grey dolphin, giant otter (EN), and jaguar. harpy eagle, What may be the largest population of Amazon manatees (VU) inhabits the black waters of Amanã Lake during the dry season, migrating during the flood season to várzea forest in Mamirauá, where its preferred foods are abundant. Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil
  • Look at that uakari monkey in that tree someday he might help U ... Too Old For The National Spellng Bee
  • The Mamirauá Reserve is home to the two narrow endemics, white uakari monkeys (Cacajao calvus calvus) and blackish squirrel monkeys (Saimiri vanzolinii). Purus varzea
  • Two of the uakaris exchanged a glance and palavered softly among themselves. The Mocking Program
  • Red uakari monkeys are rare in zoos, where they are considered to be delicate and difficult to keep alive.
  • The mammals include long-tounged bat Scleronycteris ega (VU), two endemic primates, the white uakari monkey Cacajao calvus calvus which is found only within the Reserve and the blackheaded squirrel monkey Saimiri vanzolinii. Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil
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