How To Use Tsine In A Sentence

  • Three Rounds and Sound, their newest album, has a bit of raw rootsiness that seems to make sense coming from Portland, Oregon -- relevant but not exactly in the center of the map, low-fi but full, smooth but not sappy. Marissa Moss: Maybe You've Heard...the Inaugural Edition
  • The names they've chosen for the boy don't seem to fit with the "artsiness" of Syrus Eugene, though, Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • Her episodes of what I can only call ‘ditsiness’ are the stuff of family legends and tonight she surpassed herself.
  • Let's examine: on Abbey Road, Lennon was guilty of the same "artsy"-ness you accuse Macca/Martin of: how about "Because" or "I Want You She's So Heavy" - Lennon was quite hands on re: those songs and did quite a bit of the "artsiness" you find so risible and of which you are so derisive - he just wasn't very good at it and didn't really strike any memorable tunes. Imagine no SUVs... I wonder if you can...
  • Not all the projects have garnered critical acclaim, but few involved in New York's music scene fail to acknowledge Moss' gutsiness.
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  • Maybe on some level I admired his gutsiness at doing all the ‘forbidden’ things at that age like smoking, drinking, and picking fights.
  • Though Hilson sings like a sweet-voiced dream throughout, No Boys Allowed is muddled and devoid of the gutsiness the title leads us to expect. Keri Hilson: No Boys Allowed – review
  • You need a certain gutsiness and willpower and energy to make it happen.
  • He demonstrated gutsiness and tenacity in every stroke he played. Times, Sunday Times
  • (link) Excessive artsiness is great when something actually happens: witness Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Royal Tenenbaums. Amuchmoreexotic: And another thing
  • The rest of the album isn't bad, coasting from lite jazz subtlety to wah-wah guitar-enhanced antsiness and back to lite jazz at the end.
  • I don't mind that it's traded some gutsiness for a bit of sterility and a more intellectually satisfying approach.
  • Often considered a golden era for horror films, the '70s saw innovation, politically charged subtext, and a (usually literal) gutsiness mixed to push boundaries and buttons.
  • HAMMER: Tonight, silly stars who are super popular and dishing out ditsiness. CNN Transcript Mar 30, 2006
  • Even so, she wears her artsiness lightly. Times, Sunday Times
  • Never let it be claimed that playing with grace is incompatible with gutsiness. Times, Sunday Times
  • I don't feel much of a connection with her, though I'm unduly pleased, in a slight and pretentious way, by the artsiness. Doppelganger
  • Instead of the lean approach, Day & Age bundles the disparate elements the band has toyed with to date, piggybacking earnest rootsiness right on top of glitzy dance-pop. Cold-Blooded Killers
  • Her sophomore disc, the even better "21," is a breakup album with strings and a vague inclination toward rootsiness. Album review: Adele, "21"
  • So the cover image of stark rootsiness, with McGarry eating straight from a can of black beans, really only tells part of the story. Westword | Complete Issue
  • The melodic flow and harmony-vocal crosscut of the lattermost tune stood far and away above so much reggae of the era with an adroit mix of old-school rootsiness and creative expression. AvaxHome
  • Her gutsiness, her set of principles - she learned all of that from Linda.
  • And on the Human Rights front, from Chechnya up, there is no positive notes to be found in Russia which has definitely retrograded on that matter since the Yeltsine years. 07/30/2006 - 08/06/2006
  • Put together, the film becomes Gesamtkunstwerk at the level of Wagner's Nibelungen cycle or Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy: a total, totally absorbing work of art that delights and also exercises the senses, the cortical emotions, the intellect - and achieves this feat without loudly advertising its intent or, for that matter, its artsiness. Athena Andreadis, Ph.D.: The Andreadis Unibrow Theory of Art
  • The blues is often referred to as a "living heritage," and Primer's blend of rootsiness and innovation demonstrate exactly what that should mean. Chicago Reader
  • Her affinity for what she calls "artsiness" stands her in good stead among her current clientele. Undefined
  • I swear there was nothing Jungian about it–except maybe the vague artsiness of it. John wasn’t turned on by CHLOE | Obsessed With Film
  • Allen also captured something in Keaton which can't be described except in cliches: kookiness, wackiness, ditsiness. The Guardian World News
  • This idea of “rootsiness” appeals to me, since I feel my generation is more a pastiche culture than any other. Letters
  • For example, before I stepped inside Adams House for the first time, enough upperclassmen had either raved or warned me about its supposed "artsiness" that I thought I had an idea of what to expect from the residents. The Harvard Crimson | All Articles
  • Biden's eloquent acceptance speech in Springfield, Illinois, while deliberately "veep" in tone, maintained a fireside rootsiness that played well; he and Obama looked good together. Dakis Hagen: But Has Joe Biden Ever Punched a Voter?
  • If you weren't still listening at the back there by then you would have missed some fine performances – Aneurin Barnard capturing and blending the arrogance and charm of the man in perfect proportions, Karen Gillan managing to portray a naïf Shrimpton was barely 18 when she started out in his thrall with enough energy and edge to prevent her from lapsing into ditsiness or dumbwittedness. TV review: We'll Take Manhattan; David Bailey: Four Beats to the Bar and No Cheating; Putin, Russia and the West
  • The melodic flow and harmony-vocal crosscut of the lattermost tune stood far and away above so much reggae of the era with an adroit mix of old-school rootsiness and creative expression. AvaxHome
  • You can hear bits of "English Settlement" era XTC mixed with the rootsiness of the Fleet Foxes and the emotion of the Frames. Marc Ruxin: The Bestest 2010 -- Tunage
  • Amanda always had an air, Glenn says, of general ditsiness. Perugia's Prime Suspect
  • Sponges from the Florida Keys contain cyotsine arabinoside, which has been improving treatments for Leukemia since 1969. Dr. Reese Halter: Mother Nature's Medicine Cabinet

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