[ US /ˈtɹəsti/ ]
[ UK /tɹˈʌsti/ ]
  1. a convict who is considered trustworthy and granted special privileges
  1. worthy of trust or belief
    a trustworthy report
    an experienced and trustworthy traveling companion
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How To Use trusty In A Sentence

  • Stealing away, (whence, I suppose, the ironical phrase of trusty Trojan to this day,) like a thief — pretendedly indeed at the command of the gods; but could that be, when the errand he went upon was to rob other princes, not only of their dominions, but of their lives? — Clarissa Harlowe
  • We passed ancient cottages embowered with climbing roses that Edward Elgar must have known as he cycled here on what he called his "trusty steed". Country diary: Malvern Hills
  • Truly, Ranald, my trusty friend," said Dalgetty, "I will not deny that the case may be soon my own; for I am so forfoughen (being, as A Legend of Montrose
  • Not even his trusty silver medallion of St. Christopher could protect him against such overwhelming numbers. Storyteller
  • I have decided that it is best to let the flat unfurnished, so it's time to say goodbye to what has been a trusty friend for the last few years.
  • Our trusty electric breaker was called for, and ear defenders were handed out - they were absolutely vital!
  • Thou too, O Pylades, trusty squire, whose training shows thy father's sterling worth, receive a garland from my hand, for thou no less than he hast a share in this emprise; and so I pray, good luck be thine for ever! Electra
  • THE trusty old doctor's bag is getting a digital makeover with a new generation of high-tech gadgets. The Sun
  • He was a friend of theirs, a good man and trusty, and in the days before he knew Nayla, Haugh had been, for a long sweet summer, much closer friends with the forgeman™s daughter than with the smith himself. The Lioness
  • The animal has been portrayed as a good sheep dog, a carrier of the needed aid, a messenger in the time of war, a seeing eye to the physically impaired, of simply a trusty household pet.
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