How To Use Trip out In A Sentence

  • Fortunately the highlights of the trip outweigh the overly somnambulistic detours, proving that it's the journey, not the destination that matters most.
  • Warm autumn weather and nervousness about the state of the economy combined to create a tough environment for shops and stores, the British Retail Consortium said in its monthly survey, conducted with the consultancy KPMG.The BRC said the value of sales in November was 0.7% higher than in the same month in 2010, but there had been an annual drop of 1.6% in so-called like-for-like sales, which strip out the effect of new floorspace added by retailers over the past 12 months. Spirit of Scrooge haunts Christmas shoppers
  • Before a trip out of town, I stopped for gas at the Shell station on Angell Street.
  • As I've been pressed for time with a forthcoming project and then a trip out of town, what follows are a few notes from each of those weekend contests.
  • The notorious acid flashback (where a person will trip out long after the last time they dropped a tab) happens when the body uses some of these fat reserves, thus releasing L.S.D. into the bloodstream.
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  • You can also let Music Mixer strip out the vocals from music you already have.
  • For many, the day was a chance to have a family trip out and children seemed to be enjoying the excitement of the races as much as the adults and some were even picking out winners.
  • Strip out any damaged wiring.
  • And plan your next trip out this way - bring a picnic, camera, golf clubs, togs, walking shoes - and in winter, a raincoat just in case!
  • Make a Mobius strip out of a ribbon of mild steel and magnetise it.
  • This daysack is just big enough for your toddler to carry their own drink and snack to help make them feel part of the trip out.
  • Time to start working from the text, making from this trash and gimmickry of sex my aesthetic: a hip first, a breast, a slow shadow strip out of clothes that bushelled me asleep.
  • Make a Mobius strip out of a ribbon of mild steel and magnetise it.
  • I did pop my waterproofs on for a quick trip out this morning to get a good crunchy-crusted loaf of bread and, would you believe, a pack of orange jelly.
  • I've had trip out in the sun to deliver a magazine which had been mis-delivered by the Royal Mail numpties, and to vainly attempt to get a belt for my vacuum cleaner at Currys.
  • His last successful trip outside his home was in March 2007, when six people pushed Uribe's wheel-equipped iron bed out to the street as a mariachi band played and a crowd gathered to greet him.
  • Yesterday's trip out consisted mostly of a visit to the home of football, Maine road.
  • At the time trip out at sea was practically suicide.
  • I have arrowed an elk every trip out there and when you get in the back country you do not see anyone. 10 Best Public Lands for Elk (And How to Hunt Them)
  • She tidied up again, went back upstairs to finish ransacking the airing cupboard, then got ready for her trip out with Adele. JUST BETWEEN US
  • For a competitor who could strip out costs and trouser the management fees, that would be very attractive.
  • I mean, look, I was with him in Bari, which is the southern Italian city down in Puglia, a week ago for his first trip outside Rome. CNN Transcript Jun 7, 2005
  • Still basking in the afterglow from a short trip out to San Diego to visit good friends Ed and Jen, I hunted up an email from Ed from last summer. We Blog A Lot
  • These included arts and crafts, swimming, knock out competitions, a trip to the cinema, drama, sports, bowling and a day trip out of town.
  • It is not a job for the faint-hearted - it will cost £10,000 just to strip out the still-working machinery.
  • So, for Tubby's version of the song, he kept things as simple as he could: crank up the bass, the drums, and the looping guitar lick, and strip out all but a smattering of Badoo vocal samples that he uses as accentuation.
  • But now Summerville had heel , which might be another motive for her trip out West.
  • The software can analyse text, and it can be configured to strip out adverts and block file downloads.
  • The demand for extra current leads to a heat build-up in cables and equipment and can cause circuit breakers to trip out and cut the power.
  • Don't use the electric screwdriver to torque down the screws - it can strip out the heads.
  • To read him is to experience the rush or vertigo that inevitably accompanies any trip out on a limb.
  • We had to strip out all the old wiring and start again.
  • Make a Mobius strip out of a ribbon of mild steel and magnetise it.
  • In the past year, the company has reined in costs and continued to strip out unprofitable lines, curb overstocking and minimize the discounting of heritage items like raincoats and scarves to boost margins and "further purify the brand," said Ms. Cartwright. Burberry Sales Jump 27%
  • If you are interested in military history the Royal Armouries Museum is worth a visit and if you fancy a trip out of town, Castle Howard is within easy reach.
  • Since the receiver is aluminum it is possible to strip out the threads if you go overboard with the hex wrench.
  • I quickly strip out of my crisp black suit and dash in the bathroom for a quick shower.
  • We try to make houses energy-efficient and so we often have to strip out the floors and quite often the ceilings. Times, Sunday Times
  • Naturalists with sturdy sea legs can take a trip out to the gannetry at Bass Rock or stay on land and observe it from North Berwick's Sea Life Centre.
  • Make a Mobius strip out of a ribbon of mild steel and magnetise it.
  • It's fun writing, but I have to say, once you have all the pieces, the final rewrite is in the editing room and to take everything and switch it around and give it a whole new meaning and shape it and take all that hard work and strip out certain pieces and rearrange them, it's just fascinating to me. Follow-Up Interview: Get Smart's Director Pete Segal «
  • I'm wondering if there is a tool in existence that will "unbind" objects, and strip out all the (XREFNAMEHERE$) layername All Discussion Groups: Message List - root

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