How To Use Trigeminus In A Sentence

  • In Brazil Elaps lemniscatus is copied by Oxyrhopus trigeminus, both having black rings disposed in threes. Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection A Series of Essays
  • Rheumatic neuralgia in other nerves, as in the trigeminus, so often found in anemic women, is often relieved by massage in a few treatments. Massage and the Original Swedish Movements
  • If the impulse is stronger it strikes the roots of the motor end of the trigeminus and the movement of the muscles of mastication occur; then the intensified affection spreads through the other features. Criminal Psychology: a manual for judges, practitioners, and students
  • The more important men were Lorenz Gasser (professor 1757-65; trigeminus), Joseph Barth The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman
  • 102 An additional case of snake mimicry in _Oxyrhopus trigeminus_. Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection A Series of Essays
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  • To address this question we investigated the development of the N. trigeminus in the Japanese quail.
  • Trigeminus neuropathy is commonly seen in men due to a variety of reasons.
  • (whether nervous or arising from caries), neuralgia of the trigeminus, of the cervico-brachial plexus, etc. Scientific American Supplement, No. 299, September 24, 1881
  • Communications are also on record of local decolorization of the eyebrows and lashes in neuralgias of isolated branches of the trigeminus, especially of the supraorbital nerve. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
  • The anatomic path of travel from the nasal mucous membrane to the genitals is through the fifth cranial nerve, or trigeminus which is supremely the ganglionic cranial nerve.
  • Oxyrhopus trigeminus; while in other parts of South America similar cases of mimicry occur, sometimes two harmless species imitating the same poisonous snake. Darwinism (1889)
  • The nerves we are going to examine are the overorbital and infraorbital ramifications of the trigeminus.

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