How To Use Tricorne In A Sentence

  • No starched apron-bib is sullied, no long straight gilet is crumpled, no cuff or kirtle torn or buttonless, no bold tricorne hat askew.
  • I did a quick head count of the folks clustered around the coffin and the balance of the tricornered hat, flag waving, proponents of limited government, arrayed up the steps to the front doors of town hall. Suzanne Langlois: The Many Flavors of Kool-Aid��
  • An oddly creased tricornered hat still rested on the motionless head, though it was tilted over the hidden eyes. A Corridor in the Asylum
  • These costumes include tricornered hats, silk jackets, and riding breeches.
  • But before we accept the image of the tricornered Tea Partier or, worse, Rick Santorum as the standard bearer of the GOP, it's nice to be reminded of that tucked-shirt wearing, neck pillow-loving silent majority. D.R. Burgess: Why Do Republicans Like Toaster Strudel?
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  • The tea partiers 'tricornered hat is supposed to be a symbol of patriotism and constitutional first principles. Black Helicopters Over Nashville
  • Despite Mudge's insistence, however, he categorically refused to don the orange tricornered cap. A Corridor in the Asylum
  • Officers' hats seem at first to have been a tricorne - or three-cornered - hat which was universal wear for gentlemen in the 1600s and beyond.
  • His disregard for wealth and personal prestige, his affection for the traditions of the Puritans, whom he saw as opponents of tyranny in both church and state, even the tricornered hat he continued to wear marked Adams as a man of another era. Ratification
  • All the way back to George Washington and the guys in tricornered hats. McCain: Obama Is An Extremist, "I Don't Know" If He's A Socialist
  • We haven't had a real default since powdered wigs and tricornered hats were in vogue. In Debt-Ceiling Chicken, Markets Are Betting the Wrong Bird

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