How To Use Trevelyan In A Sentence

  • Sir Charles Trevelyan refused to withdraw or to curb his activities in any way and was consequently expelled from the Party.Sentence dictionary
  • Trevelyan himself was present, bent with age, his musty gown fraying at the edges - emblematic, I remember thinking, of an old order passing.
  • The argument echoed historian G.M. Trevelyan's quip about the French Revolution: ‘if the French noblesse had been capable of playing cricket with their peasants, their chateaux would never have been burnt.’
  • Ive found louise and she's living with another abuser plus there's stuff going on here that's doing my head in. lou looks like cill trevelyan and she was married to one of cills rapists for a while. she says there's things mum kept to herself to save the family embarrassment and I want to know what they are. Disordered Minds
  • ‘I am but a bad trencherman myself,’ said Trevelyan, He Knew He Was Right
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  • Mr. Trevelyan then related the foregoing sallies to the fair arbitress, who listened with keen relish and enjoyment. Lady Rosamond's Secret A Romance of Fredericton
  • A court in New York has found the Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout guilty of conspiracy to sell weapons to what he believed were Colombian rebels prepared to kill Americans. Laura Trevelyan reports.
  • According to Professor G.M. Trevelyan (England Under Queen Anne), part of the reason for Swift’s failure to get preferment was that the Queen was scandalized by the Tale of a Tuba pamphlet in which Swift probably felt that he had done a great service to the English Crown, since it scarifies the Dissenters and still more the Catholics while leaving the Established Church alone. Politics vs. Literature: An Examination of Gulliver’s Travels
  • Our correspondent Laura Trevelyan is in Haiti's second biggest city, Leogane, where flooding remains a serious problem.
  • Mr Trevelyan said he was ‘disappointed’ but would abide by the club's decision and had no plans to reapply for a licence on the disputed site or any other land.
  • Sir Charles Trevelyan refused to withdraw or to curb his activities in any way and was consequently expelled from the Party.
  • Did Mr. and Mrs. Trevelyan know that you and Cill truanted at Grace's house?" she asked. Disordered Minds
  • These good things would have been accepted had it not been for this rascal of a penny-a-liner, this friend of that other rascal Trevelyan, who had come in the way of their family to destroy the happiness of them all! He Knew He Was Right
  • Trevelyan masterfully depicts Marlborough's campaigns, but in illusory power it is doubtful that Churchill's historic battle scenes can be surpassed. Nobel Prize in Literature 1953 - Presentation Speech

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