[ US /ˈtɹiti/ ]
[ UK /tɹˈiːti/ ]
  1. a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
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How To Use treaty In A Sentence

  • MR. BELL: Well, we have informed the Congress that the part one agreement already rose to the threshold, if you will, of representing a change to the treaty -- what we call a substantive modification -- and therefore, would require congressional approval. Briefing By Robert Bell On Helsinki Agreements
  • The boundary treaty was negotiated between the two countries.
  • The treaty gave Edward III sovereignty over Calais and the whole of Aquitaine.
  • They signed a treaty to settle all border disputes by arbitration.
  • It was typical of Mishcon that he declined an invitation to attend the signing of the treaty. Times, Sunday Times
  • The treaty usually took place in the dishevelled drawing-room, after a round of the widely parted chambers, where frowzy beds, covered with frowzy white counterpanes, stood on frowzy carpets or yet frowzier mattings, and dusty windows peered into purblind courts. London Films
  • In addition there were various protocols to the Treaty and declarations adopted by the Member States.
  • Assuming of course (4) that Germany, which wants to revise the Lisbon Treaty to apply the new rules EU-wide, and France, which wants nothing to do with a re-opening of the Treaty and therefore wants the fines to apply only in euroland, can resolve their differences. Euroland Should Prepare for More Ups and Downs in Its Yo-Yo Economy
  • For the treaty to win final approval, a two-thirds majority of the Senate must vote for ratification, and the treaty must also win approval in the Russian Duma.
  • In fact on May 28 during the NPT's (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) review conference, 189 countries (including the US of President Obama), called for the Israeli government to comply with the treaty, favoring the creation of a denuclearized zone in the ME. Amir Madani: Perspectives of Peace in the Middle East
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