How To Use Treacly In A Sentence

  • The strings add a treacly overbearingness to something that wasn't very fun to begin with - I know they were trying to be Queen a la "Bohemian Rhapsody", but couldn't even get close to Paul McCartney's "Back Seat of My Car" in terms of rock opera. Skydiving naked from an aeroplane
  • Whether it is "Muskrat Love" slurping its way through the loudspeakers at CVS or "My Heart Will Go On" pummeling you as you sit on the runway, or Andrea Bocelli warbling his way through yet another treacly ballad while you're trying to enjoy your osso buco, music that a large number of people despise is constantly assaulting us. Can't Stop the Music? Tell Me About It
  • The film is spoilt by a slightly treacly sentimentality.
  • I know that's heresy, but there is a treacly quality to so much of the talk about King and his dream that it is like an overdose of candy.
  • Traditional, warm bitter can sometimes be too watery while strong lager can be too ‘treacly’ and not adhere to a glass's interior.
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  • She brings strength and warmth and grace to what could have been a treacly, self-aware, melancholy role.
  • But there's one more treacly trap: Creating compelling games that drive players to buy expensive new 3-D setups.
  • Yes, they are, and I'm sure power grids endured redlining surges as garbage disposals clean up the treacly detritus en masse.
  • The stout, meanwhile, boiled down until almost syrupy, adds a malty note which works brilliantly with the spicy, treacly gingerbread character of Dan's cake, but would be a little too savoury with a more conventional recipe. How to cook perfect Christmas cake
  • Methodically daubing the treacly floor paint all over the architect's white and grey glaze walls, the waffle-textured bamboo wallpaper, the skylights, the portholes, the glass, bricks and the panora-fenestrals.
  • The film is flawed by slightly treacly sentiment.
  • John Lews might not be as famous as MLK, but even John McCain profiled him in his book Why Courage Matters: John McCain’s staff writes yet another treacly book Matthew Yglesias » Glenn Beck Denounces Civil Rights Activist John Lewis For Comparing Himself to Civil Rights Activist John Lewis
  • Really, Susan, from you I expect a more rigorous intellectual analysis this treacly old cods-wallop! Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...
  • Bit like now I suppose, sruggling in the half light trying to overcome an insurmountable problem while some treacly sod is in the background telling you how to go about it without having to demonstrate. You See The Trouble With Me « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • He'd coated the shelves with a thick treacly varnish.
  • The film is flawed by slightly treacly sentiment.
  • That would be of enormous help in staunching the flow of treacly sentiment on which so many Trust properties base their appeal.
  • Cafes lining the ice-blue water are busy with fishermen knocking back treacly shots of espresso, chattering away in Roman slang, the air scented with freshly roasting porchetta. Plucking the Finest Fruits From the Sea
  • The airwaves may be awash with treacly DJs, nerve-shredding jingles and the kind of yammering advertisements that deserve their very own circle in Hell, but no one thinks radio is an affront to Western civilisation as a result. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • Garage door opener parts bacchant is now uncousinly for typhlopidae, subjoining and treacly uncharted distortion divided parji. Rational Review
  • Next, add the Gum Arabic mixture into a cup of hot water. Stir using a spoon until the granules of gum have turned into a thick, treacly jam-like consistency.
  • Pudding is an impossibly rich chocolate cake, followed by a shot of treacly espresso.
  • The dark treacly colours of Adriaen Brouwer's Interior of a Tavern suit the murk and smoke of the pot-houses favoured by that grimly observant wastrel.
  • It looks treacly, tastes malty and citrusy and, most crucially, like a grown-ups' drink. Times, Sunday Times
  • Treacly piped music from inside slopped out each time the automatic doors opened.

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