[ UK /tɹəpˈiːzɪəs/ ]
  1. either of two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are involved in moving the shoulders and arms
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How To Use trapezius In A Sentence

  • The trapezius attaches to the base of the skull, midback vertebrae and collarbone.
  • For example, if you're going to do heavy shoulder presses, you'll be using more than just your deltoids and triceps; the neck and trapezius muscles will be stressed as well.
  • The large trapezius muscle extends from the base of the skull to the last thoracic vertebrae, and from the spinal column to the scapulae.
  • The trapezius, the splenius, the scaleni, and the levator scapulæ muscle may also undergo shortening, along with their investing sheaths derived from the cervical fascia. Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.
  • —The Trapezius is supplied by the accessory nerve, and by branches from the third and fourth cervical nerves; the Latissimus dorsi by the sixth, seventh, and eighth cervical nerves through the thoracodorsal (long subscapular) nerve. IV. Myology. 7. The Fascia and Muscles of the Upper Extremity. a. The Muscles Connecting the Upper Extremity to the Vertebral Column
  • In the shoulder girdle, the serratus anterior, upper and lower trapezius, levator scapulae and rhomboid muscles are involved.
  • Subjects with greater imbalance of muscle stiffness such as latissimus dorsi or trapezius had significantly higher neuroticism and psychoticism scores than did those with lower imbalance.
  • The rhomboid lies beneath the trapezius, extending from its attachment on the spine to the scapulae.
  • We measured right and left sides of 4 muscles - sternocleidomastoideus, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and rectus abdominis - 3 times and averaged the value for each muscle.
  • The muscles which raise the scapula are the upper fibers of the Trapezius, the Levator scapulæ, and the Rhomboidei; those which depress it are the lower fibers of the Trapezius, the Pectoralis minor, and, through the elavicle, the Subclavius. III. Syndesmology. 6c. Humeral Articulation or Shoulder-joint
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